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What's in your dance bag?


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Just out of curiosity, what do all of you lug around on the way to dance class?


-Pink leather Bloch Dansoft slippers

-White satin slippers with ribbon

-Pink leather slippers with ribbons

-Oxford tap shoes

-Freed Jazz shoes

-My black sparkly legwarmers! :wub:

-Dancers School fleece

-My phone

-A drink

-My purse

-Hairbrush, hairbobbles, grips etc

-Sometimes some food

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I carry a hugeee dance bag!! It has...


New canvas ballet slippers

Old ones

Grisko 2007 pointe shoes

Almost dead pointe shoes

extra pink tights

big bobby pins

thermasilk extra hold hairspray


grey abt warm up suit

Cell phone

dance diary to write corrections down

folding hair brush

foot thongs

almond Kashi bars

booties {im not sure what there called}


2 tennis ###### in a sock

Knitting stuff {im making white leg warmers right now}


I think that's it.. I know it's kind of a lot!



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