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Many have been asking on other threads where Carolyn Roderick is teaching now. As a new resident of Colorado, I've been told that she is on faculty at CSU in Fort Collins. I checked their website and confirmed this.


I don't know if she joined the faculty last year or this one. But, I wonder if her presence will result in some positive changes to the ballet curriculum. Anyone have any information about this program? From their website, it appears that they do offer a BFA in Dance, with a ballet concentration. :innocent:

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Carol Roderick is now working full-time in a lovely school in Ashiya, Japan. I believe she is still planning to work in Ft. Collins when she is in the US however, for the time being that may only be on occasion.


I am searching for the card. When I find it I will post the name of the school and a link to the website. It is an interesting school.

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Thank you for the update, VRS! Her picture and bio are on the CSU website, so maybe she will be a guest teacher or be teaching some portion of the school year. :blink:

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My daughter auditioned there and it really isn't a ballet program. A career after graduation would be unlikely judging from the student demonstration we saw.

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