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ankle placement/weight distribution on the foot


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Lately I've had questions about where my weight should be distributed on my foot...my legs are bowed so my ankles easily roll to compensate. So I try and lift my ankles, but a lot of times that leads to a lot of my weight towards the back of my foot, which obviously leads to sitting and...well just isn't good. Plus I've gotten the correction to stand more on the front part of my foot...which helped....but kind of leads to rolling. And also, when I feel most of my weight on the ball of my foot, I feel like I am sitting and can't fully pull up on my supporting leg. How much weight should be on the ball of the foot and how much on the heel? So many questions....it seems like such a simple thing. haha


Thank you!

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There are differing theories on this issue, ballet24/7. I prefer the weight of the body to be 2/3 in the forward part of the foot and 1/3 on the heel. However, the other theory is even distribution. Where do your teachers stand on this?

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