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Making convertible tights


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Has anyone here cut a slit in the bottom of their footed tights to make them convertible? I'm thinking of trying it. I plan to put a stripe of Fray-Chek down the middle of the foot, let it dry, then cut the slit. Any tips on this?

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I did this for years and never put anything on the edges. That was wearing mesh tights. I'm not sure how it works with the newer, smoother kinds because I buy those pre-cut.

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I cut first and spray/polish later. I've never used spray chek, but would love to hear if it works. Wear the tights as you do this to make sure you get the right area, and don't cut too close to the toes, it's more of a mid to ball of foot vertical cut. I've done it with mesh and they didn't run, but the microfiber did, even after nail poilsh. I prefer to do this as I find convertible seams bother my feet and I'm turning crochety and do just about everything dealing with pointe the same way I did it in 1990.

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There's definitely other threads on this - but yeah, vertical slit, near the ball-mid foot, I cut and then put on nail polish.

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