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Also, Barbara Sandonato has opened up a new school in Center City. She was one of lthe first principal dancers of PABallet and has many PABallet dancers on her teaching staff. It is called Sandonato School of Ballet and they do have adult classse. The Rock School has adult evening classes as well.


You will need to take the bus to get there or some form of transportation. Either school is only minutes from U of Penn. Sandonato's school is closer and may be easier to get to as it is near Chestnut St. which takes you straight to the university.

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In town schools of ballet:

The Rock School for Dance Education:

Rock's adult teachers are Eva Szabo and Jon Sherman and there is live piano for those classes. DD has Eva for class, she is tough but inspirational! She also teaches during the day at U Arts. I have spoken with her about her adult classes (not for me to take...I failed ballet at age 5 :innocent: ). She LOVES her adult classes! She has years of experience teaching adults and is very proud of what her adult students accomplish. Rock number is 215-551-7010.

web site: http://therockschool.org/TRS/RSWeb/RShome.php


Barbara Sandonoto Ballet School:

I don't know who B. Sandanato has for adult classes. It is a new school. You could call and ask. The number that I have is 215.546.2926; I think that is a home or cell phone. They are very responsive to questions. Her teachers are largely from the PA Ballet. So far, no live music but a mom whose daughter attends classes there told me that is planned next fall. The web site really isn't functional yet but here's the web address: http://www.sandonatoballetschool.com/


Koresh Dance:

also has open classes but I have no personal experience with them. Here is their web site: www.koreshdance.org/

2020 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Telephone: 215-751-0959

E-mail: info@koreshdance.org


Gwendolyn Bye:

Again, no personal experience here but I have seen one of their lovely dancers at YAGP-very impressive. This dancer's coach is Alexander Boitsov and is on faculty there. They have open and adult classes and it is located in University City. They provide an escort service for UPenn students.

Here is the web site: http://www.gbyedance.com/


You might also check University of the Arts to see if they have open classes.


If she has a car, there are more options in the general area and into the suburbs.


As far as UPenn, I don't have a great grasp on what sort of dancing is available but I do know that there is a group that dances and they have a really good time together!


Here are the directions that Septa gives to Rock:http://airs1.septa.org/bin/query.exe/en?seqnr=1&ident=9v.0282511.1174659820&OK#focus


Here are the directions that Septa gives to the general area of Sandanato ( I don't have the exact address)http://airs1.septa.org/bin/query.exe/en?seqnr=20&ident=c4.0287221.1174660144&OK#focus


Here are Septa directions to Koresh:



Philadelphia really seems to be a dancin' town! If your dd is interested in jazz, there's:



9 N. Preston Street

The Philadelphia Dance Company-PHILADANCO!

Philadelphia, PA 19104 (MapQuest)

(215) 893-1999



and modern (Martha Graham) 1515 Brandywine Street

Jeanne Ruddy Dance Company and The Performance Garage

Philadelphia, PA 19130 (MapQuest)

(215) 569-4060


Neighborhood: Avenue of the Arts North


I don't know if either have adult classes but both have schools.


Good luck as you go through the college admission process!

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My DD goes to Barbara Sandonato and absolutely loves it. There studio number is 215-923-2201. They have many guest artists teach from the PA ballet. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.


Pasdedeux - depending on your DD's level of training she would probably just take the higher level classes, not the adult class.

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