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So I thought my legs were straight


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There are lots of "straight" and "legs" that come up in my search, but didn't see this topic...


Oh my goodness!!!! I looked in the mirror today at myself in 5th position from the side and I couldn't believe what I saw! It wasn't good. :)


I discovered that my legs are bent. In fact as I checked in with the mirror throughout class I discovered that it is rare that my legs are straight! I really have to concentrate on straightening them really hard and my hips go back when I try it.


I am so disgusted. I pull up all the way up through my head and have been fixing my open ribs and back to far back for the past 5 years and am making progress. This feels like such a huge set back. I've been at this ballet as an adult starter for 13 years.


Having such a fundamental problem is really getting me down. I feel like I have to put all my progress lately in the dumpster since my base technique has been off. :wacko: ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh my, undertutu, surely it cannot be that bad! :o My guess is that you just had an off day. Don't give up on all you have accomplished because one thing is still a problem. Just put your energy into making that better now. :thumbsup:

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Undertutu, try not to be TOO alarmed - straightening the legs, along with things like pointing the feet and turning out, can be a battle for anyone at any level, no matter how many years you've been dancing. Plenty of people who have danced for 15 years since they were tiny little kids still have classes where things aren't lining up right and the most basic things seem impossible!! Ballet isn't like math where the first thing you master, like 2 plus 2, is easy forever. It's the opposite. The first things you learn in ballet - plie, tendu, turn out, stretch your legs, point your feet - are the things that can take a lifetime to perfect!


So don't freak out. You may be having trouble, but you are not alone and I'm sure you are not any more hopeless than any OTHER ballet student! :thumbsup:

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I was thinking the opposite as Jayo - you said that when you straighten them, your hips go back - what do you mean, does your pelvis tip? Are you hyperextended?


Also, fifth is hard! :thumbsup:


But thedancingj is so right. I've been at this for super duper long, and there are times, *especially* when I'm tired, that the leg just isn't.... well, you know, it just looks so much better in my head.........

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Thanks all for the encouragemant. I have gone back to the mirror to check out if I hypo or hyper extended. If I pull up REALLY hard, then I get straight in the knees & hips.


I am finding that it takes so much energy to pull up straight that my strong legs get tired quick. I can't wait till my legs get stronger & my muscle memory is trained. What a painful task, both physically & mentally.

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It will retrain if you focus on it. This is hard for just about everyone.


One exercise I like to do is sit on the ground with my legs together in front of me. Flex the feet, thinking of shooting the heels out as far as they can - for most people, the heels will be off the ground (with the legs resting solidly on the ground - don't think of lifting the legs - you're trying to get the legs as straightened as possible). Keeping your heels in that position (off the floor) - point the toes. Feel how the legs feel when they are extended as straight as they can be. relax, and repeat. The goal is to get a good muscle memory feeling of really straight legs when you arent' also dealing with standing up or all the issues that brings up. :lol:



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