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I have a question that I cannot seem to find the answer to. Where is Gelsey Kirkland?? She seems to have disappeared. I don't think that she's dead (correct me if I'm wrong), however, I have been unable to find any information about her past 1986. So, I was just wondering if anyone knew what had happend to her.



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Copied from abt.org









Kevin McKenzie to Choreograph All-New Production

after Marius Petipa, Assisted by Gelsey Kirkland;

Scenery by Tony Walton and Costumes by Willa Kim

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Gelsey Kirkland attended ABT's performances at City Center several times this past month (Oct.2006). She was seated several rows in front of me, and once I briefly spoke to her in the lobby of a nearby hotel. (I was dying to say more, but didn't want to intrude.) Some have suggested she was there to (re-)view the dancers prior to casting Sleeping Beauty. I wonder how much her opinion counted with Kevin McKenzie? There are still several TBA's listed on ABT's website. I know at least one dancer who was interested, but still waiting to see if anyone agreed.

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A friend at ballet school gave me a copy of this article:




It tells about Gelsey Kirkland dancing as Carabosse in a new production of Sleeping Beauty.


I was glad to find out what she was up to these days.




Desert Lily

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Thanks so much for posting that link DesertLily! That was a fascinating read and it looks like she's done some growing up.

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I saw Ms. Kirkland in last Sunday's performance of ABT's The Sleeping Beauty at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in So. California. It was so great to see her back on stage again! To top it off, we got to see a "Cinderella moment" when Corps member Sarah Lane stepped in as Aurora for one of the Principals that was injured. Really, a thrilling performance to watch from all aspects!

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I went to see ABT at City Center on 10/28/2007. I sat across from Gelsey Kirkland, or so I thought. I am sure it was her so I worked up some courage during the intermission to talk to her. Instead of saying, "Are you Gelsey Kirkland?" (in front of the audience) I asked if she was a former principal with ABT in the 70s as well as partner of Baryshnikov. She said yes and that she is a now a board member of ABT. She was extremely nice so I asked her to sign my program. I was very discrete and quiet. Unfortunately, she signed a fake name, what appears to say "Karin Ray". I'm still shocked! Has this happened to anyone?

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ABT's Board of Trustees does not have either Gelsey Kirkland or Karin Ray listed on it, so I'm not sure who it was you spoke to. :wink:


Yes, I agree with you that her name, nor the name she signed, is not listed anywhere under Board of Trustees, which is why I am so confused. I just can't imagine that I would confuse her to be someone else. Plus, I was sitting next to another former professional dancer who also pointed out that she was sitting there. I don't mean to dwell on this but all I have to say is...weird.

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She was teaching at Steps on Broadway last week and seems to be teaching there from time to time this fall. So she has been in New York during the past week, at least.

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