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Anyone have some information about the dance program and dance opportunities at Northwestern? According to their website, they have a major and a minor in dance, but it indicates that ballet is a "complement" to the primarily jazz and modern emphasis.

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Have you looked and the listings of classes? They have 3 levels of each, jazz, tap, modern, ballet - but the classes only meet twice a week (M-W or T-Th). They also have pilates, yoga, etc.


Joseph Mills was one of my modern instructor when I was in university. I also took movement awareness with him, which he also seems to be teaching at NU. He is a lovely person and was very supportive of my early choreographic experiments, my academic pursuits, and my overall well-being.


I can't speak to the rest of the faculty, but judging from the 'academic' courses listed, I'd guess that the emphasis would be on modern.

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I visited the campus/faculty last year and it is definitely more modern-based.


The campus is lovely :-)

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Does anyone on the board have any updates to the dance program? We're familiar with Laura Wade, who teaches the advance ballet classes, and my DD has met a few double majors (dance/psychology, etc.), but I'm curious if anyone knows more about the department. Many thanks,

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