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Dancewear Buying, Part II


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Maybe I should have titled this topic You Know You're a Dancer When . . .


It took me weeks to get the new clothes I needed for work this season because 1) I like to see what all the stores are offering before making a decision, and 2) I refuse to pay full price for anything. But yesterday I saw the CUTEST new leo in my favorite dancewear store, said "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Mama like!" and instantly plunked down cash. Full-price. Does this make me a Compulsive Dancewear Buyer??? :)

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Ummm...yeah, I would say pretty much so! :lol:


I spent another $60 the other day on a wrap sweater, tights, toe tape and toe pads. I didn't even look at the receipt until I got home and started wondering why the total was so high--the sweater was on sale for $16 and the tights for $10, so where did the rest come from? THE TOE PADS WERE $21.50!!!!! :)



But you know, they work!


Must stop looking at dancewear catalogs, must stop looking at dancewear catalogs... :helpsmilie:



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Hey there's nothing wrong with a little accessorisation, in my teens the saddlery was my hang out and my horse probably had more clothes than me, now its dance clothes for my daughter. It's a bit like new stationary, it's hard to resist the crispness of the new leo or ballet shoes :)

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The buying habit gets even worse when you work in a dance store! Of course, all the new bodysuits and new shoes must be tried on (how else would we know how they fit? :) ) Luckily the store has been too busy as of late to be trying on things all the time. One thing for certain though, the employee discount comes in handy!

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I'm not even dancing right now and I've got 2 new leos and new pointes ( custom order placed months ago, just arrived); I dunno what that makes me.

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Whenever I see a cute new leo- and there are so many out of those now (the Wear Moi "Galatè" and "Titania" for example or the new Grishko with the Empire bustline.... or those nice Gaynor Minden leos... ahhh) my strategy is planning to buy them but if I only plan on buying them and do not actually do it then in most cases I will never buy them as I forget about it or sometimes simply do not have time to run out or go online to order them- VERY good- otherwise I´d spend most of my money on leos.

I`ll better stick with the ones I have... :)


Haha I wish I was back to the classes I took as a teen where we had uniform requirements and were not allowed to wear any of those "cute" leos... Less trouble. :helpsmilie:

But the university company class I currently dance with allows virtually anything.... :lol:

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I've been super lucky lately and my friends have been getting me leos as gifts and stuff! OOOH I have the best friends ever.


The latest one I received was on Saturday - a belated bday present. The Grishko one with 'cross over' detail (that's actually a mesh overlay on the front). Looks kinda funny not on because the mesh is bigger than the leo, but once you put it on... *sigh*. gorgeous, i feel very glam in it.




I could look at dancewear all day, everyday.

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"I could look at dancewear all day, everyday."


I actaully spent all Sunday drooling over the dance discount websites and trying to resist the urge to buy when I already have so many dance clothes (way too many for a newbie like me!) I did resist, but I am still dreaming... *sigh*

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Hey there's nothing wrong with a little accessorisation . . .


As Claree says in Steel Magnolias, "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize!" :speechless:


I neglected to mention that this was in my favorite dance store, which has a "gently used" rack, upon which I found a Mirella camisole dance dress in the prettiest shade of burgundy . . . for FIVE BUCKS!!! :pinch: Yes, it's a little faded, but for $5.00 who cares?

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I'm not all that picky, but I like variety. A lot. I have a weakness for the Dance Factory Outlet grab bags (most recent load had some rather...interesting styles). Last time I did a load of laundry with leotards, I did only the darks and there were 37 of them. Eek.

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Ok, this is absolutely, positively the last thing I'm going to buy (at least this month!) I finally splurged and bought the Balanchine "Violin" dress from Gaynor Minden that I've wanted ever since I started ballet last year. I promised myself that if I got to down to a certain weight that I would buy it for myself. Today was that day!!!! :pinch:


I can't wait to get it!! I've never worn a ballet dress or even a skirt, so I'll probably feel really ballerina-ish!



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I, like koshka, love variety and am not terribly picky. I love sale leos because sometimes I buy styles that I normally wouldn't simply because they are cheap- and then I grow to love them, or I realize that hey, that type of neckline/back/whatever really suits me!


I have 4 black leos and a bunch of colored ones. Lately I have been a sucker for classic fronts and strappy backs.


My biggest problem is that size medium in every single brand seems to fit me, and being the most common size, M is almost always in stock, so if I look it's almost a certainty that I WILL buy! LOL.

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Love :) , love :wub: , love :P this topic.


I have gotten to the point where I "cringe" everytime I get an e-mail or catalog from the dancewear company. That's because I'm trying to cut down on purchasing. But I just can not NOT look!!!


I always feel so much better in class when I look in the mirror and see someone who looks cute, put together, classic, etc. Just starts me off on the good foot.

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... trying to resist the urge to buy when I already have so many dance clothes (way too many for a newbie like me!) ...

As a guy, I feel I should knock first on this thread :o There are after all many fewer temptations for men - some white Ts, black tights, white shoes and socks, and you've pretty much got everything in the catalog. :D


What works for me in several hobbies is to never spend more on gear than on content. When I started, I would not spend more on clothes than on classes, so it took a year before I had enough stuff to have some in the laundry and still get to class.


I also build hifi electronics and make wine; both are hobbies which have gear-buying temptations that can get badly out of hand! The big advantage of this rule is that if I stick with a hobby long enough I can have tons of cool stuff without ever feeling guilty about it.

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