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This year's RDA festival will be a national one, with all the regions coming together in Pittsburgh on April 24-28 (Tues. - Sat.) Only senior-level dancers will participate.


Who plans to go?

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I'll be there (from the Pacific region). I went to the 1st National Festival (1997, in Houston). It was interesting and fun to see all the different companies. Most of the classes (if I remember correctly) were in the hotel - primarily in the ballrooms which meant carpet for the dance floor. I think they might have laid out marley for some of the classes, but maybe not for all. Classes were pretty crowded (as you can imagine). One class was in the basement level of the hotel, with a low ceiling. And another one was in the foyer/hallway in front of the ballrooms (I remember doing barre along the stairs!).


Hopefully the facilities this time around will be a bit better?

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I'll be there! I'm from the Mid-States region. I can't wait to see everyone (I have a lot of friends from previous summer programs that participate in RDA but aren't in my region) I'll see you all there.... :thumbsup:

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Not sure if we're going. I assume that registration fees will be proportionally higher, compared to the usual 3-day regional festivals, and housing costs will also increase. And then there's the amount of time the kids need to take off from school (four days). I'm pretty sure this will be a major sticking point for the parents at our studio. Does anyone know if it will be possible to attend for just a couple of days?

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DD's school plans to participate--not sure yet how many of the company members will be able to attend. One of our school directors is attending an informational meeting next week-end and will come back with more details. DD is looking forward to attending as this will be her first time to attend RDA as our former school did not participate.

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If the festival is being held in Pittsburgh, who is hosting it? Pittsburgh Youth Ballet? I believe the last time they hosted the RDA festival was in 1998.

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I'm hoping to go up for a couple of days if that is possible. I can't do a whole week.


But National Festival is generally held in areas where there are several RDA companies so that it is shared hosting and then each region is responsible for major help also.

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I'm going from the Midwest! My first RDA was last year, so I'm looking forward to Nationals........ but worried about missing all that school!

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Ouch! Thanks mom1 for the update. Maybe I won't be going, yikes. The kit is about double. (with good reason, I know, just yikes!) I will certainly miss it if I don't. It has been my vacation away from home for the past 4 years.

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How much are the kits usually in the various regions? Last year we (Mid-States) paid something like $260, plus the $10 RDA fee. $300 for two additional days sounds like a (relative) bargain to me! Although, breakfast is usually included.


Side note: what kind of a message does it send to dancers not to include breakfast? :)

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Let me clarify. Our kit cost varies from year to year. Some years, our director kicks in some Nutcracker funds to offset some of the kit cost. (on years when it is high) Last year we paid $160 for kits (Th, F, S, Su) but our parent housing package was a bit higher because they did not prorate the room costs for doubles or triple rooms like some years do. So I don't know if that was the "real" cost in our region or not.


But that is not the real issue, it will be that plus flight. Too long a drive from here.

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The "kit" is basically your entrance. (name tag for class entrance, tickets for performances, parties, etc.) It is your attendance fee. Some places it includes a meal or two also.

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