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size=7]I am worried that I don't take enough classes. :) I am considered to be at an intermediate-advanced level.I take 3 classes per week, two of them for 1 hour and another one for 2 hours. I have just turned 13 and am not on pointe yet, though knowing that I will be performing on pointe in our june showcase. I am thinking of persuing a professional career and wondering if I should switch to a more ballet oriented studio and many more hours.


Many thx :) ,


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It does sound as if you will need more ballet to pursue it as a career. Not having studied pointe work, it is a bit odd that you are expected to perform on pointe in June. You are still very young but in order to be considered "studying" at an intermediate-advanced level one would have to also be at that level on pointe.


A good place to start may be to read through the various forums regarding the subject of pointe work and level for age. Ask an adult family member to go with you to observe other schools in your area so that you are able to make an educated decision.




CAPAdancer, I am closing this thread due to your having posted the same question twice in two different areas. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations for BT4D. The advice you have been given is still valid, but please understanding the importance of only using one place for posting the same question.


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And later still...


CAPAdancer, since you are new to Ballet Talk for Dancers may I please officially welcome you to this wonderful site. May I suggest you please take some time to familiarize yourself with BT4D and tell us a bit about yourself. :) For example, how long have you been studying ballet?


There is a wealth of knowledge at Ballet Talk for Dancers. Enjoy! :)

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