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Question About Relevés


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Hi all=)


I've just come back to my home from my ballet lesson, and I need to ask something about relevés because I think something is really wrong and it's really eating me...


I -despite the break I gave- am still strong on pointe though we don't do pointe work yet officially. I'm still slowly training myself at home with pointes to keep my feet familiar with the pointe. But my teacher makes me hold myself up for 10 sec.s on demi-pointe to prepare me for upcoming center and pointe works and I just can't pull up without holding the barre. Is something really wrong, or is pointe work easier than demi-pointe work, I just can't understand it.


Have I already lost my ankle-foot strenght and therefore, does it mean that I'm sitting on my shoes?(they are half dead, it doesn't seem pretty much possible though)And what is worse, I cannot keep my turn out on demi-pointe as much as I can on pointe :wacko:


P.S.:And as pulling up is easier while on pointe, I can do a single pirouette clean, but I just can't complete a full rotation on demi-pointe :blink: Ok, I'm an unusual person generally (I cannot do simple things while I can do hardest things better..) but I don't know anyone -including me- who runs without learning to walk first... :)

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Skyish, while the single pirouette is actually easier on pointe, I really don't understand why you would be more "pulled up" on pointe than on demi pointe. I mean, either you are aligned and placed and lifted out of your legs, or you are not. It should not make a difference whether you are on demi pointe or pointe. :)

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Maybe it's easier to hyperextend your knees en demi than en pointe, because en pointe if you hyperextend you can't always get on your box? I don't do pointe, but our teacher has commented on this as a barrier to balancing in demi pointe releve.

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