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curly hair and buns- ok?

je danse dans ma tete

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I am half-black and have the world's curliest hair, about to the shoulder. I am dancing for fun right now so the way my hair looks is not a grand issue. I usually pull it into one or two puffs. In January though I am going to audition for a place in a university ballet class and I have been reading and it seems appearance is to be very neat, pulled together, no strange leotard colors or hairstyles, black and pink, no fancy backs, ballet bun or chignon. I can manipulate my hair into a bun, but it is a "curly" bun and the "smooth" part is also curly - actually more waivy pulled back.


Is this ok for a "neat appearance? I only ever see girls in the class at the university with straight hair. Even the black girls have their hair made straight. (I have been spying on them between classes to see what I am up for).

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Sure. What you're describing is very often seen, even among people who aren't of African descent. I've never seen or heard of it producing any objections.

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I'm sure that as long as your hair is neatly back everyone will understand that you have curly hair. I will tell you that for my own children for performances and when a sleak look was needed was to wet their hair, comb through a frizz control serum while it was wet and then spray with spray gel. That way we were able to get it pretty sleak to the head even in it's waviness. My DD with the thickest hair also learned how to do those buns with the many snakelike twists to make the shape rather than one big hair bun. She liked the look that way better.

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Oh, thanks for your replies! You ahve saved me from worrying too much now! I love my curls and don't want to have to straighten them... If it came to chossing my curly hair or ballet though, I don't know what would win!!!


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Guest dancingwithfaeries

For my ballet shows I usually straighten my hair with GHDs, but have had it curly once or twice with no objection. I just find it easier to manage straight though and I find it nice that I can always have it curly again as soon as I wet it. :P

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