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Elastic around the tummy=owie!

je danse dans ma tete

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I love my tights but HATE the cutting off around my belly. Sometimes I can't breathe during cambres forward because I hae to suck in my stomach or I will be embarrassed by the rolls. I am a little chubby but not too much. The hip tights also make rolls on me. Most people, even the bigger dancers in my class, don't seem to have this problem. Am I doing something wrong? Help! :yes:

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I wonder how many of us have just done a cambre forward (is that the same as a full port de bras forward? - I don't think we use exactly the same terminology in the UK) to see if we have rolls too?!!! I know I did. I sort of tuck them under my ribcage :grinning: - I'm reasonably well covered but not fat. :yes:


Anyway....I would really say don't be embarassed, the other students will be too busy concentrating on themselves to be looking at you and I'm sure your teacher's seen it all before and won't mind in the least. I'm presuming you don't have an audience in class? Also, if we are talking about the same movement surely you don't need to be able to breathe as you're not there for very long, I would breathe out on the way down to empty my lungs and then breathe in as I recovered.

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Is the waistband causing you pain? If so, find bigger tights. It shouldn't dig into you to the point of pain!!!


If you are just worried about the aesthetics, then I have two recommendations:


a. get tights whose waistband sits right under the ribs - everything under the tights should avoid 'rolling'

b. practice controlling your breathing while engaging your abdominal muscles - you don't want to ever be holding your breath! It can be done but isn't easy when you're trying to do a step as well - until it is second nature a lot of practice is useful.


Another useful technique is to ask your fellow dancers in class how they do it, if you don't see the issue with them.


Good luck!



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I have a few extra pounds on me, and I HATE having the waistband of the tights sitting right at my waist. What I do is pull the waistband up and secure it under my bra. I buy the tights one size larger than what I think I would normally wear. This works well, because there are no lines, lumps or bumps near my waist....


[edited to add....i wear either the Danskin CoolMax listed below, or the Gaynor Minden which has an even more forgiving waistband - in fact it is as if the GMs have no waistband at all]

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The Danskin NYCB CoolMax tights have a soft waistband that doesn't dig in. You might try them or try a few different manufacturers. They're not all the same.

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You could also try body tights. I really like them as I can't stand tight or high waists on anything. I also keep tights forever so they have no elastic in the waistband.

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If this helps at all, I have never been "overweight" at all but I can't stand having my tights elastic at my waist because it digs in and creates rolls on practically every body. When I have the tights under my leotard I usually have the waistband all the way up on my ribcage where it's not so fleshy. When I wear tights on top, I fold them over so the band rests on my hipbones. :thumbsup:

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I either just make a small slit in the side of the elastic waist band then seal it with nail varnish, or buy tights, like the GM ones which have a soft waistband.

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I either just make a small slit in the side of the elastic waist band then seal it with nail varnish.



As a famous australian once said "you're an ideas man" (or woman) :thumbsup:


Look out ballet tights here comes the scissors!!!! (maybe i will test it on a an old pair first)

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Yeah, try some different brands. Some of them are designed to sit at the hips. My body is reasonably thin and toned, but some tights/leotard combos will still make "rolls". Especially during hormone fluctuations. Any healthy woman has some fat/water weight around the middle :yes: Just takes some experimenting with the dancewear brands and styles and try not to think about it too much. Certainly don't hold your breath during cambre or you'll get a head rush. Falling over or looking drunk isn't very attractive, either! he he...

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Guest pink tights

BodyWrappers tights seem to have a forgiving waist band. They tend to fade quickly but seem to last a long time. And trust me, no one is looking at your 'rolls', they are to most likely too focused on holding their own stomachs in or they should be!

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These NYCB microfiber low rise hipster capri tights have a good waist band too. Not completely low, just enough and they don't have an elastic waist band in the traditional sense, it's more like the same materials as the tight itself, so no "rolling". They aren't listed with the "low rise" tights, but in the footless section on discount dance supply.



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Someone had a suggestion on this site one time about cutting the elastic off the waistband except for where the seam is (sorry, can't remember who it was). My daughter tried it (she's skinny but she hates tights) and it seems to work well.



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As I have started dancing again after a long time off, I was surprised to find that I was annoyed at the waistband of my tights being a bit tighter than the rest of the tights. Partly I'm sure it's because I weigh a little more than I did years ago. I have also had success simply cutting off the elastic at the top of the tights. Goodness knows they have enough elastic in them to stay up without it!

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Goodness knows they have enough elastic in them to stay up without it!


As long as they are not 100% nylon- be forewarned, I tried this last night :)


I took some advice I got here and rolled the band down to my hip bone level. It really REALLY helped! I think rolling it up to my ribs would make me over-hot. I have to get me some of those softer tights though, the ones with less tight waitsbands.


Thanks for the good advice! :D


je danse

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