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Alyson Reed - does anyone remember her?

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Do you remember Alyson Reed? I was named after her, because my parents (both in show biz) were into "Chorus Line" when my Mum was pregnant with me...

She started of as a ballerina, but then decided to start a musica career. To me, she didn't look as if she had the ideal ballerina body even when she was younger - but then, who has... :shrug:

Anyway, I really do love her dancing and I wondered what you all think about her... :yes:

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for dancers Alyson :):thumbsup:


I'm sorry but I'm not quite sure who she is, except I did look her up and she has been in quite a few TV shows!


How interesting that you were named for her :o

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Hi Clara!


She has been doing some tv shows, yes, but she was (is) grand on Broadway. She did "A Chorus Line" (she did "Cassie" in Attebororoughs movie and "Cassie" and "Val" in the actual show), "Oh Brother", "Cabaret" (Tony Nomination!), "A Grand Night For Singing", "Do I Hear A Waltz" etc. on Broadway. :wub:


And she has a wonderful singing voice!




Alyson :o

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