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When do your Nutcracker Rehearsals Start?


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Just out of curiousity, when does everyone start Nutcracker rehearsals? :o The Nutcracker rehearsals at my school start in mid September, does anyone else think that that is kind of early,or no?


Nutmegdancer :wub:

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Scheduling rehearsals has more to do with how many pieces need to be rehearsed, how many dancers one has to rehearse and how many days a week a particular section will be rehearsed. It is not about Nutcracker, it is about getting the work done in a timely fashion, with as few injuries, producing the best product. :)

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My rehearsals started last Saturday! I'm very excited because this year I get to be a spanish dancer, a russian dancer and depending on how my audition goes, the Dew Drop Fairy. I don't really think I'll get Dew Drop since it usually goes to a senior but I'll be crossing my fingers. I love Nutcracker rehearsals!


And no, I don't think it is too early since that is when we start too.

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I started Nutcracker rehersals on tuesday. :D I get to be a chinese dancer and in waltz of the flowers,

I don't think its that early. It does take time to prepare for the show.

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Wow,you guys started before mine!I guess it is not too early then, thank you guys, I hope you all do good with your parts!I hope to be little Clara, cadet, and one of the chinese soloist.


Nutmegdancer :)

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My studio has Nutcracker auditions next week, and then we start rehearsals after that. We won't go into full-throttle until late October, early November. Usually in the beginning of rehearsals, we learn all the parts and then our Artistic director casts mid November. Our performances are in mid December.

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Most of our classes have started rehearsing already. I think they started a few weeks back.


. . .Unfortunately, we still don't know what we're going to be yet, so no rehearsals for us. Although Soldiers in the battle scene seems extremely likely - we've already been that for three years, so we don't really have to relearn the part.

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honeyb2 my school does the same,we learn all the parts and then they pick which parts you look best in.Kind of makes sense,but what I don't get is why waste your time practicing something that you know you won't do,even when that part has an understudy and everything?


Nutmegdancer :D

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Mine started today: September 23rd.

This is actually late for us, but we had gotten a grant to perform another ballet that ended at the beginning of the month.

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