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Champagne Couch - September


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Well, I have never put myself on the champagne couch before, but I think I'm going to pop the cork for September and recline on the scatter cushions to celebrate my first double pirouettes (some 1 1/2s during an exercise when lower level people were doing halves, then went for it in the back corner later and surprised myself) :D. I have no idea what they looked like...


Anyone else? I'm sure we must have clocked up a few more celebrations in three weeks :).


Oh no, in my giddiness I somehow saw the previous thread as August and have messed things up... to compound the situation, I am using a cranky old Mac laptop with an ancient browser that won't let me edit. Mods, help! Would appreciate it if my post could move to the proper thread. I don' t want to sit on this here couch all on my lonesome!

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:wink: Well, since no one's moved your post, I'll keep you company! Congratulations on your double -- it's really a milestone and such a thrill!


Just so I'm not sitting here without a glass of my own: last class, I did my first clean double in months. I credit BT4D: There was another thread about listing three goals, so I wrote regaining my doubles as one of them, and -- voila! -- that did the trick. :thumbsup:

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