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No Tights?!


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A few weeks ago, my school director announced that this year for all of our modern and contemporary pieces, we will not be wearing tights. :D She said that we will just have bare legs and use costume tape to make sure they hold in place. To be honest, this is kind of freaking me out. I'm just not comfortable with having my entire legs bare for performance. What if the costume slips or my legs don't look toned enough? I don't know if I should get my legs and bikini line waxed... and I'm also nervous that I'm just way too pale to pull it off. I know I can't be the only girl wearing tights and most of the others seem fine with this decision. What should I do? I know I can't expect the director to change everything because of my insecurities but I'm very nervous! :blushing:


Thank you! :)

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A lot of other things depend on how this question is answered. For example, what is the rest of the costuming like? Is it a short Greek chiton, or even a long one, à la Isadora? Is it, God forbid, just a leotard? Tank suit with mid-thigh legs? Remember, you have to make up any flesh that shows, so you'll have to keep the cosmetic aspect of your legs more prominently in mind.

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One is a fancy dark brown leotard, one is a light blue leotard with a short wrap style skirt and one is a mid thigh length floaty dress (red and orange) with a leotard underneath. None of the leotards are extremely high cut, but they aren't exactly low cut either. I hope I explained that well enough. :)

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OK, I wouldn't do that to anybody, but then I can't see the costumes. You'll just have to make sure that you don't end up with big bruises or anything on your legs.

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I'll be very careful with my legs the few weeks before performance!


I'm hoping that once she sees how it looks, she won't stick with her decision. All of the girls in the dances are quite thin but I don't think it looks flattering on me. One of my teachers who goes to NBS (not as a student, but for teaching courses) was discussing it there and is supporting the directors decision. So I guess I will just have to concentrate on performing well to distract from the bareness. :D

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KNOCK KNOCK!! Ok I'm not a young dancer, but I have to reply because I am also performing like this in about a week. Costume is just leotard, no tights. I have spectacularly white legs and I have never been on stage like this before, but the girls who have experience with this costume say that you get used to it really fast. I've seen it on stage and it looks great from the audience with the lighting and everything. I can't say that I am THRILLED, but I think I will be ok. :sweating:


Couple of tips - some of the girls use these spray-on nylons that you can get at the drug store (Sally Hassen I think?) to even out skin tone. It looks very nice and doesn't sweat off. We also get this sticky spray (that says "do not apply to skin"!!!!! on the label) that lots of girls use on their butts. (Yuck.) Hopefully your leotards are good enough that you don't have to use butt glue, though! As for waxing, it is nice for the feeling of security, but you can definitely make do with just a good thorough shave. Hope this helps a bit... at least you know that you are not the only dancer out there who is worrying about this!! :D

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KNOCK KNOCK - I've also done this. In college. The one university dance company performance that my dad actually came to watch! :) The costume was a *flesh coloured leotard* (which looked way too light on me) with some flimsy chiffon flailing off of it. I think costume wise it worked, but... half the time we were bent over as well!


Anyways, no one used spray sticky stuff because we rehearsed in them and they stayed in place. It was, as I like to refer to it, a confidence building exercise. It was also a lesson in remembering that you won't always like your costume!


You'll be fine, remember just to dance your heart out! :hyper:

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KNOCK KNOCK - my daughter's company often performs without tights in their more modern pieces. It makes their legs look fantastic (especially en pointe - all those muscles!). A hint - trunks under costumes are a great thing. You can get them in flesh color or in a color that can be dyed to match your costumes. It's an extra layer for confidence and modesty and, if you get the low rise style (I forget the brand - there's one with a wide band that's really good), there shouldn't be a panty line to see through your costume. Good luck!

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I've seen this in a professional performance, and actually I didn't consciously think about the fact they weren't wearing tights until just now.


Everyone did look incredibly muscular and fit. The fellow sitting next to me remarked, "I have more body fat than everyone on stage put together!"

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I had to wear a purple leotard with a miniskrt for my last show. The only trouble for me was that I'm so pale, on the DVD, it looks like I've got white tights on! I think it depends on what skin colour you have, otherwise you might have to put something on your legs to add a bit of colour. Good luck on the show!

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knock knock


In a recent modern piece done by the teens where I take classes, the costumes had a "boy leg" (like very short biker shorts, I guess) and a short, filmy tunic over. They wore tan footless tights and it looked great on stage.


For a photo shoot for the same piece, one of the dancers wore no tights, and it was true that the added visible muscle definition made for some great photos, but bare legs are a very "high maintenance" look.

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I think that if you feel really uncomfortable with this "no tights" idea, I think that you should personally talk to choreographer. Just tell he/she how you feel about it. But, I really liked koshka's idea though about the boy leg shorts underneath. That is always something good to keep in mind!! Good luck!!


Have a GREAT day!!


star_reacher :D

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Knock, knock. My copany has done this a few times, it worked out OK in the end. But please, whatever you do, dont use a tanning salon. It is incredibly bad for your skin and can lead to cancer, sometimes not-so-late in life. Spray-on stuff is much safer.

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Thank you so much to everybody who offered their advice! I'm very relieved to hear from those of you who have seen or done tight-less performances that it looks good. Whew!


I'm going to ask my mom to take me shopping for some undergarments like the skin coloured shorts mentioned. I think it should be okay if I check the style with my teacher early on in the year. I'll also look into the Sally Hansen spray on nylons since I've seen that at the drugstore. I'm so pale I think I would be almost transluscent without it. :)


Thanks again for all your help! I'm feeling a bit better already. :wub:

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