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Need help with double assemble turn...

Guest Knight

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Seeing as one of my dear friends came back from the Rock doing double saude basc and double assemble turns. Was wondering if anyone could help me with this.


Does not necessarilly mean you have to be from the Rock.. :D:D


Anyways, I can do double tours left and right, but when it comes to double assemble turning I get stuck.

There are only two things that I can think of that are slowing me down.


1: I'm scared out of my mind of landing on a big toe and breaking/stubing it.

2: I'm not getting my shoulders around.


So if anyone has some light to shed, please feel free to shed it. Long as it is not dandruff.. :sweating::thumbsup::D



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Tour en l'air, saut de basque and assemblé en tournant are quite different. A tour is sur place, but the others have a lateral movement that frightens some people, so that they flinch, and cave in slightly forward, so that they are trying to turn in the pike position. Won't work. Too difficult.

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One thing I have problems with when turning doubles in the air, wether in tour en l'air or saut de basque or assemblé, is to spot correctly. I can spot fairly OK when I am on the ground: but as soon I leave the ground, spotting messes it pretty bad. Example: I can do 1 1/2 tour en l'air, cheeting a bit, without spotting. But as soon I try to add spotting in my tour, off I go: 3/4 tours at best, with awfull landing. Is there any trick or way to learn "spotting in the air". My teacher says I am concentrating to much on my rotation rather than on the vertical push? What about that?


Anyway, any advice will be appreciated with this : I have three double saut de basque in a row and a double tour en l'air to perform in my Xmas recital solo and I show no sign of progress up to now.



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Guest TheBalletGuy

[1: I'm scared out of my mind of landing on a big toe and breaking/stubing it.]


when I learned to do them I just had to make myself do it. forget about your toe and do it. (unless mel said something else...) hahaha Right Mel?



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Just make sure that you're not caving in into the pike position and are straight up through the body, and you won't have any difficulty. Spotting in the air is no different from spotting on the ground. But the sense is right, "don't think, just do."

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