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Carla Fracci

L' Allegro

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I've been pouring over my collection of books (ballet of course!!) and, from the pictures, Carla Fracci seems like an amazing, expressive dancer. I was wondering where to find more information about her, as well as what happened to her after she stopped dancing? When did she stop? I feel like a lot of these dancers dance, then disappear. Thanks for reading!

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Whenever I think of Giselle, especially the 'mad' scene, I think of Carla Fracci. I remember seeing some amazing photos of her in this role in old copies of Dance Magazine. I've never seen anything like that. For me, she is Giselle.

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DD and I watched Fracci's Giselle on DVD for the first time a couple of weeks ago...we thought she was AMAZING! Are there any other videos/DVDs in which she appears? We would love to see more of her performances!

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She is on the Erik Bruhn Bell Telephone Hour DVD dancing La Sylphide and the pas de deux from Romeo and Juliet. As the Sylph, you'd swear that she stepped out of a lithograph. It's amazing.

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yes she IS Giselle. And yes, she is directing the Rome Opera Ballet even if she studied at La Scala. Her port the bras is simply amazing. She has been or still is ambassador for the FAO. The Nobel Laureate Eugenio Montale wrote a poem for her "La danzatrice stanca" - the tired dancer... She is into ecology and belongs to the Academy of Beaux-Arts in Brera (Milan). Still haven't found books about here, but I hope this helps!

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Does she ever come to the US? AND she's still dancing? I'd love to meet her and see her dance! (Going to Ebay presently, looking for DVD/ VHS!!) thanks all for the info!

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