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DVD/Videos: Paquita variations

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I'm looking for a dvd recording of Paquita.

It doesn't have to be the entire ballet.

I'm mostly interested in the variations.

Any recommendations. What is your favourite?

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Good thing it doesn't have to be the whole ballet--most of it is lost. :wink:


For the last act divertissement, I have two recommendations: "Kirov Classics" featuring Igor Zelensky and Yulia Makhalina and "ABT Mixed Bill" with Fernando Bujones and Cynthia Harvey.

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page 562 of my book, BALLET 101 lists the two versions of the GRAND PAS CLASSIQUE already mentioned above, i.e. the kirov and ABT stagings. when my videography was first published these were on videocassete; now they're on DVD, and THE MARYINSKY BALLET is now called the Kirov Classics (on DVD).

since this list was put together the Paris Opera Ballet staging of the full ballet by Pierre Lacotte was also released on DVD, and includes the GRAND PAS CLASSIQUE (if memory serves).


the kirov credits are as follows:

THE MARYINSKY BALLET was first released in '91:

Paquita (ca. 32 min.) / choreography, Marius Petipa ; music, L. Minkus ; danced by Yulia Makhalina and Igor Zelensky, with corps de ballet ; pas de trois danced by Yelena Pankova, Irina Sitnikova, Grigory Chicherin ; variations danced by Irina Zhelonika, Lyubov Kunakova, Larissa Lezhnina, Alexandra Koltun, Veronika Ivanova.


American Ballet Theatre at the Met [videorecording]: Paquita / choreography, staged by Natalia Makarova after Marius Petipa ; music, Ludwig Minkus, orchestrated by John Lanchbery ; costumes, Theoni V. Aldredge ; danced by Cynthia Gregory and Fernando Bujones, with Leslie Browne, Susan Jaffe, Cynthia Harvey, Deirdre Carberry, and ensemble.

Videotaped in performance at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, in 1984.

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The YouTube video appears to be a member of the Paris Opéra Ballet dancing the first variation from the Paquita Pas de Trois in Pierre Lacotte's recent version of the entire ballet.


Please note, Lacotte choreographed his own steps to use in place of those that were lost; it is not a "reconstruction" as the Kirov has done with Sleeping Beauty and La Bayadère.

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For the last act divertissement, I have two recommendations: "Kirov Classics" featuring Igor Zelensky and Yulia Makhalina and "ABT Mixed Bill" with Fernando Bujones and Cynthia Harvey.



Yulia Makhalina is a gorgeous dancer! I recommend this version very strongly.

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Working and coaching Paquita at the moment,so I am quite "on topic".


There are also a couple of interesting excerpts in "Leningrad Legend" (hosted by Natalia Makarova). One is of Asymulatova dancing the "harp" variation (the same Makhalina and Gregory dance on the respective DVDs), and another, on the same tape, is of Makarova helping Veronika Ivanova with another variation from Paquita (the same variation as danced by Lubov Kunakova on the Kirov tape). I have found these two excerpt very interesting from the teaching point of view.


Hope to have been of use.



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Oh yes, Kirov Classics is, for me, a real gem...


Regarding "Leningrad Legend", I realize I have committed a mistake: the ballerina Makarova is helping coach in the Paquita solo is Yelena Pankova, and not Veronika Ivanova (Veronika Ivanova appears in another section of the same tape, being coached by Irina Kolpakova in the "Shades" section from "Bayadere"

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