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I have a question about waist belts for male dancers. Not dance belts, I understand these as much as a mother can :innocent: I am talking about belts male dancers use to keep up the tights, they fold the tights over the belts. My question is what they look like and where you get them. My DS got his at the Shoe Room in Toronto but there are boys at the ballet school where my DD dances and they are looking. The Shoe Room is totally an option for them but they want to know what they look like and as my son purchased his after he left home, I have no idea what to tell them.

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They are just an elasticized belt, maybe about two inches wide. Probably adjustable, to they can make them fit. Just fold the tights over them, they don't show. :(

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A type I favor is the web belt, similar to those worn by the armed forces, or even the Boy Scouts, with a flat clamping buckle. They are economical because they last a VERY long time and have no elasticity to lose.

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That is interesting Mel because that it the kind of belt I sent him with. At his school here the principal suggested such a belt which we picked up at Walmart. So they must be recommending something else at his residential school.

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If they're recommending something else, have him ask a teacher what they are asking for, specifically. The other works perfectly well, so I have no idea what is on their minds.

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