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I love Alberta Ballet!!! Jean Grande Maitre is an exciting artistic director and choreographer. The dancers are dynamic individuals and the men are amazing!!!!! Being involved with Nutz I can also say that my experience of the company is that they are supportive of each other, supportive of the children and involved in the community!! Looking forward to a very exciting season. www.albertaballet.com

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Jean Grand-Maitre is also an amazing teacher! Don't know if anyone has ever taking class from Edmond Stripe (he choreographed Alice in Wonderland on the company last season) but he is really inspirational and his classes are so much fun.

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He is very technical but has a fabulous sense of humor. His wife teaches the Nutcracker repetoire to the children and she is lovely. I am glad your DD enjoyed the SI, my DD was at the same one, but too young for Mr. Stripe.

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