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My DD is performing in NYC this weekend..does anyone know of a place to send flowers from that would be delivered to the theater? I am also miles away and it is a special occassion! This is not her first performance, but it is the company's first performance in NYC in many a year!

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I think any goofy candy/gift thing that can be shared in the dressing room would be totally appreciated. M+Ms are great! We get all kinds of things from Moms, dads, boyfriends, etc....and no one ever thinks of it as childish. Getting presents is fun:) Especially chocolate ones...

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Guest pink tights

If you are worried about the m&m's being too childish, how about a beautiful box of really decadent chocolates?

She can keep the box afterwards to store clippings, reviews, dried rose petals...

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Hi; I am in the same position(no pun...) except my DD is a Trainee and the youngest there. If I send something, I don't want it to emphasize her age difference and seem to much like a recital gift. My choice is a live Orchid plant. Something unique& exotic that she can keep(with any luck) as a reminder of her first performance with a Professional Ballet Company. I am not sending it to the theatre, so there wont be any embarassment, she is all too aware of being a "newbie". Maybe this could help you, and then when her Dad arrives for the second performance she can get the flowers from him at the theatre, for an additional surprize. Congrats to you and DD, sometimes there is light at the end of this tunnel! :(

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Just an update. Thanks to all of you for your advice - it was very helpful. Grandma informed my husband that SHE was sending flowers for the first performance (we'll see - I sort of doubt it). I sent a care package that got there Monday - the first day they went to the theater. It had a bizarre selection of things. Bath salts for relaxation, sore muscles, etc., new mukluks, a fun book, pictures her neice and nephew drew, and a couple of bags of chocolate popcorn (a specialty of a local chocolate shop) to take to the theater to share. As a momento, I sent her a pair of her favorite kind of large stud earrings in red, the color of her costume. She loves to wear these earrings for class, and I thought the color would remind her of the role without being too "kitchy". Dad heads up there tonight. We also got youngest daughter's "boat gifts" squared away - rubber duckies?????? Thank you all again. I am told each company member will eventually get a video of the performance, so hopefully I will get to see it when she comes home for Christmas!

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Kathryn - sounds like you got everything just right! And, I just had to comment on the rubber duckies - fabulous! Just saw my cd's first college regatta... 1st and 3rd place in her 4 and 8 boat!!! Very exciting - wish I had thought of the duckies...


Next up - Nutcracker! But, my dd did give all her dance mates "sticky bats" for their Dracula performance - a big hit in the dressing room!


I say - keep those gifts coming - I don't think there is a dancer (or rower, for that matter) who wouldn't enjoy a gift for their accomplishments. Woohoo - way to go Mom!

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