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Guest dncr4ever1990

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Guest dncr4ever1990

Hi! I am a serious ballet student who is training to go professional. I live in Long Island but have gone to numerous summer intensives, and although I love my current ballet school I think it's time to move on. I've heard great things about Valentina Kozlova's school and it wouldn't be a problem to get there from Long Island everyday. But the website doesnt say much. I was wondering if any one knows if it's possible to audition mid-year and if a current student could give me an example of a class schedule for the most advanced level and other details about the school. Any information would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Hello dncr4ever1990, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :wub:


I'm not sure if we have any students here from Ms. Kozlova's school or not, but there may be some parents. However, I think the best thing would just be to call the school and talk to them and find out. They will want to know your history and training background in order to discuss levels and then schedules.

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We took a trip to New York last winter and were able to just call the school to ask Ms. Kozlova for permission to join a class. She has a one week intensive that we were considering. Though our schedules did not eventually work out, the school was very gracious and accomodating.

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