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Intermediate level pas de deux


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One of my old teachers asked me to do either a pas or a variation for her school's small fall show. I prefered doing a pas, but the show is Nov. 10th and quite soon. Does anyone have a suggestion of an intermediate level pas de deux we could do well in that time frame? My current teacher said Flower Festival (some Bournonville ballet) would be good and is looking into it, but I thought I'd ask here for suggestions. Obviously nothing balanchine cause of the trust (which I learned from my teacher is surprising iron-clad...). Thanks!

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Chronus, I hate to be discouraging, but there really is no such thing in the classical repertoire as an "Intermediate Level Pas de Deux". At least not that I know of. All of the pas de deux in classical ballets are performed by principal dancers, or top soloists. They were not created for intermediate level students. In my opinion, if a teacher wants Intermediate level students to perform a pas de deux, then it should be created for them, at their level.

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I think I've found it...my studio does a variation of the Snow scene in the nutcracker that features a pas in the 1st movement. I understand what you mean by there not being an "intermediate level pas" and I probably just worded it incorrectly, though I'm not sure how to say what I mean. No worries though, since I beleive this pas will work nicely...and it is more what you mean by being a "pas choereographed for the pre-proffesional level"

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*knock knock*


The first pas that was taught to me was the grand pas from Graduation Ball, that I did with a civic company in high school. It involved a couple of throws into a fish dive, but we modified it into a pique arabesque into the dive. I remember doing quite well in it and learned some basic partnering skills. Lots of promenades and I think it has a penchee too and some shoulder sits :pinch:

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