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Better beats and fluidity


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With decently good feet and a few years of work under my belt, I dare say I have a decent enough royale, changme', and entrecha quate. However, anything above that such as a six results in my legs doing the whole "running in the air" movement. Is there any specific way to work on and improve beating?


Second question: One of my favorite dancers to watch, Jason Fowler of NYCB, possesses this natural fluidity that I find simply mesmerizing...keeping in mind the proficiancy difference between me and him is larger than the known universe, how does one begin to obtain or at least go down the very long path of being able to make EVERY movement look as though it has a purpose and was rehearsed for months and have a liquid or gel-like quality? What sort of state of mind must one achieve to exist in this nigh-separate realm of physics?

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When you do any beat, whether it be simple like changement, royale, or entrechat quatre, remember that the legs open to the sides and then cross over. When it gets to the grand batterie, like entrechat six, then you won't have to worry about it. What you're describing is actually far more difficult than an entrechat six; it's call the hortensia.

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*knock, knock*


Major Johnson, I know I'm not supposed to be here, but your posts are always so informative and educational...I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "the hortensia." Could you elaborate a bit...just curious. Thank you.


*quick exit*



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Hortensia is a male demi-character step in which the legs do not beat together, but switch back and forth past one another in a motion like a flutter-kick in swimming.

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*knock knock* - Major Mel, you mean like in Ashton's Daphnis and Chloe? (leaves quickly)

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Yes, I think I recall it there, but most prominently in the blue skater variation in "Les Patineurs". Sometimes Ashton traded it out for entrechat six, depending on the dancer.

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