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I hope nobody minds my inaugurating a new wine couch :shrug:. A new academic year feels like the right time to move on from the enormously long original thread, leave the old whines behind, and get ready for a new set (much as we do with the champagne - of course, we hope to visit that couch far more frequently, but ballet wouldn't it be what it is if it didn't bring the need for both).


I'll wield the corkscrew first: my whine this evening is that I was really looking forward to my class today, which is my favourite, most challenging, least crowded one. And guess where I was when it was geting started? Still in a work training session, gazing at a Powerpoint presentation, complete with leo and tights under my clothes. So depressing to get home with that ballet kit on, but not having done a single step :pinch:.

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Oh ruby, hugs! The amount of times that's happened to me over the past few weeks!!!


I'm *still* getting over this cold, which has gotten much better but today was making me feel really dizzy and out of it. When you're already dizzy, and then to have a class focusing on turns? YUCK!


And I actually DID have a glass of wine after.... instead of the cold medicine! oops!

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*hobbles into thread with bumb toe*


I'm going to try to go back to class tomorrow, at least for barre (although no releves on the right foot). I have to go anyways for conditioning and to observe the rehearsals for "Snow" (I'm understudying all corps parts).


Actually this toe is doing really, really well. I'm kind of going to play it by ear as far as doing barre tomorrow, but I really feel like I can do it and there won't be any problems. Hopefully I'll be off of here soon.


Hey.........do we have a maitre de? If so, I'd like some NY style chedder, please?




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And guess where I was when it was geting started? Still in a work training session, gazing at a Powerpoint presentation, complete with leo and tights under my clothes.


Commiserations, Ruby. Like Ami - been there before! I have a very busy job (well, I probably do the equivalent of two normal jobs ...), which is also quite stressful. And there are times when I can't get away to get to class, or I'm just too tired and need to sleep.


But there's always another day and another class - you have to remember that!

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Thanks all... :wub: Redbookish, I am in the same trade as you, albeit with only half a foot on the lowest rung of the ladder! Hence currently have about 1 1/2 jobs, as I'm finishing my PhD at the same time. It's not usual for the structured stress part to extend beyond 6:30, so hopefully those other days and other classes will happen.


The worst thing was I really needed to go out to the loo but of course couldn't do it without being gone for hours while I took off ALL my clothes :blushing:.


Ami, get well soon! :flowers:

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I don't think it's ragweed! But this is unusual for me.


The weather, imo, has been really randomly changing lately - but very back and forth. Don't know if that has anything to do with it. Plus stuff going around and just generally being super-duper tired. Blech.


All I know is that I still feel yuck, am having loads of trouble concentrating, keep taking naps, and missed class today. :crying::shrug::):shrug:

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I feel for everyone- it sux not to be able to dance when you're looking forward to it so much! Here's my whine, the docs still don't know what's wrong with my foot. They are now talking about imaging, like MRIs and the like, which doesn't make my insurance very happy, but who cares as long as they find out what it is and get rid of it so I can dance. I haven't taken class all month and have no strength or energy, and feel my muscles getting weaker. I've been trying to do some core work on the floor and manage a bit before I feel really tired again. My mood is what tires me out the most, I think.

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My whine is also about not being able to get to class. Right now I'm trying to find out (by way of working like a madwoman) if I can finish my dissertation in time to graduate in January.

I took a legitimate week off after I got bumped by the car, and then school started--so I'm teaching two classes while in the final stage of my dissertation :thumbsup: . Things got so nuts that before I really noticed another couple weeks slipped by. I've managed to make it to class maybe once or twice in the last few weeks.

By now 1) I'm out of my usual going-to-class-routine habit

2) I secretly kind of don't want to go (because I am fat and unstretchy and tired)

3) I"m depressed (from the lack of exercise endorphins? oh the irony).


PHOOO! :wink:


I need to get back to a minimum of three classes a week (5 would be ideal) for the sake of my mental and physical health, but I'm finding it hard.


Missy, I felt exactly like that when I tore my calf muscle in the spring. I was so bummed that I couldn't make myself do anything physical at all--even though I knew it would make me feel better in the long run. I hope the MRI's turn something up. And the nerve of your insurance company. What the heck B) is the point of insurance then, pray tell?

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Dido, we've been through this before, you know that class will help you finish your dissertation!


a) drop the housework, and substitute class instead - or the ironing, clothes crease as soon as you wear them, so why bother?

:shrug: class will make you feel less fat, more stretchy

c) class will tire you out properly so you'll sleep and be brighter and cleverer and better able to write the next day.




class will help you finish your dissertation.



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Oh Redbookish--I don't even OWN an iron and I totally dropped the housework last week (right on Boyfriend's head).

I know dancing will actually help me through this gruesome bit in my life. Thanks to both you and diane--I feel like I've made a committment now!

I just got a very depressing set of notes on my last two chapters, but I am going to work away for the next two hours and then head to class.

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we are in the same place. I need to submit soon. Let's motivate each other! :thumbsup:


I did go to class today, which was fun. We've had a 'sub' for a few classes this week and I absolutely :D her dancy grand allegro. yay!


But, last night, I got a chair on my big toe. Like someone was sitting down and the leg of the chair was right on my big toe. It doesn't hurt when I dance, isn't bruised or swollen, and wasn't on a joint, but OW! when it happened and this dumb dull ache. Thank goodness for ice. :(

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Guest pink tights

Ouch, Ami--that makes me cringe just thinking about it.


Missy--hope the Doc's can find out what's wrong with your foot!


And I agree with Redbookish--regular class makes us all more productive!


My whine--I feel like I'm wearing cement boots during grande allegro. Heavy and clunky...but it's not a weight issue...I think I just run out of steam. Aargh.

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Okay, so I worked superhard Monday/Tuesday and went to class last night. Term here starts next week, so new students are trickling in.


Our substitute teacher that we had last week was back to taking class. The original teacher was back... this is the one that runs the crazy classes and tries to scare away new students. Cue horrible class, where you never feel warmed up, on you leg, anything, and are just scared to death that you make it through.... I need to steel myself because next week with all of the new students around, it's going to be even worse (it's what fueled my big outburst either last year or the year before on this board....)


I remembered all y'all's advice and tried to disassociate myself and breathe and keep going. I did, and although 'twas shaky, it was okay, but just one of those energy-sapping esteem-crushing moodiness-making situations. :pinch: I was a total grump. My boyfriend had a visitor from home in town so we had to go out to dinner and I'm sure the visitor just thinks I'm the most horrible grumpy person ever. Hmph.


And being not *internally* warm, etc, really sucks when it gets time for those fouettes...




grump grump grump....


and i'm still reeling from this cold... college nurse gave me a lecture today on just splurging on good food until i submit.... right now i just want a miracle cure!

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