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I personally know a student in the program right now who has had the standard training not concentrating on any one style and had never had Balanchine prior to just performing in their spring show this past Friday. She was selected to perform in the show without prior experience.

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I got my results from the February 19th audition, I was waitlisted. The letter says they will tell us by April 6th or so if we are taken off of the waiting list. In the meantime, does anyone have information about the dance minor? I.e. How many classes per week, what does a daily schedule look like, etc. I really loved UofSC and got a great scholarship from the university, so it stays on the top of my list even though I was waitlisted. Thanks!

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I was wondering if any current students or recent grads could answer how much pointe work is done. It is my understanding that it is every other day - which doesn't seem enough. Also wondering about partnering opportunities as there aren't many men.


Thanks for any info!

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Look in the SI General Discussion Forum.  It is a 3-week program, so it is not in the dedicated thread forum, although it may have one in the General Discussion Forum.  If not, you are welcome to start one there.

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Does anyone know how easy or difficult it is to double major in dance and something else at the University of South Carolina?

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I think it is similar to most universities. The dance department is within the College of Arts & Sciences, so if you choose another major within CAS the department has said it is easier. The dance degree is a BA, not a BFA, so many of the gen ed requirements would be required by the other major in CAS. This would be called a "dual major" rather than a double major. To double major outside of CAS is a bit more difficult. The dance schedule is a set schedule, so you're always scheduling other classes around dance classes. Of course, if you are willing to make it work, bring in some AP or other college credits, and are willing to forgo a semester or two of performing, take classes in the summer, etc. you should be able to accomplish your goals. I remember the interim director saying that it's very easy to add a minor and most of their students do that. When my daughter auditioned last fall we met a lot of students who had "made their own path" within the confines of the dance major. I believe you can find a sample of the curriculums posted online. My daughter wanted to double major in Education, so the Dance Education major at UofSC was a perfect fit for her.

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Thanks so much.  I think this school will definitely be on my daughter's list.  She'll arrive at college with a lot of community college dual-enrollment courses from high school, which may make her ambitions for a dual-degree a bit more feasible.



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Can anyone provide any specific information about the schedule last year for the auditions? What time does everything start? How long should we expect the auditions to go? Any other details you can share about the audition? How many attended (we are targeting the first audition)? Thank you! USC has not updated their website yet and I am trying to plan for the trip from out of state. 

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We had arrived on Thursday and attended the Fall Showcase that evening - they provided free tickets and the dancing was fantastic. The audition day followed (Friday) and started with interviews for the Dance Ed majors in the morning. After that there was an Information Session given by Dr. Stephanie Milling. She gave a great overview of the dance department and introduced many of the faculty. The audition started after that - late morning, like 11:00am, if I recall - a regular technique ballet class, followed by pointe, and contemporary. I think it was all finished by 2:30pm. We were from out of state and flew home that evening. It was a full audition with 50 - almost all girls, but at least 1 boy. No solo was needed.

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Hello. Does anyone know if dance minors in this program can (or do) take classes with the dance majors?  My DD is a senior and if she goes to U of SC she will major in business and probably minor in dance.  It seems like a dual major in business and dance would be too difficult at this school (and, of course, at most others).  Also, the business school and the dance building are quite a distance away from each other.  My DD dances 20+ hours/week in a pre pro program.  Her concern is not having access to classes (from what we understand as a minor you have to take basic classes the first semester before you can move up) that are at her level or with others with similar training.  Also, can dance minors audition to perform in productions? (I know the answer is probably "no" but want to make sure). Another side question... is it disruptive sharing a building with the marching band?  We thought that was weird when we visited...  Thanks for any information!

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