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Performing in white tights


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My ds (age 16) thinks that he needs to wear 2 pairs of tights when he performs in white. He is not particularly self conscious about wearing white on stage, he just feels like the belt is very visible and the tights are not opaque enough. He wears M. Stevens miliskin with a natural colored belt. For his last performance I dyed a pair of tights light tan and he wore those underneath. It seemed to make him more comfortable, but his legs did not look as good. He has very muscular legs and it would be nice to show them off more :flowers: Does anyone else have

this dilemma?

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DS insists on wearing two pair of white tights. He also uses MStevens. It looks fine with two pair - and muscles are stil visible - but can cause his feet to feel a bit cramped. Another mom on the board mentioned Mirella as being thick enough to require only one pair. DS will try these next. There's an older thread that has lots of details about white tights including experience with different brands!

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My DS, also age 16, wears Capezio footed white tights for performances, but he likes them one size larger than usual. He thinks this cause slightly less stretching and, hence, the tights stay more opaque.

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I am bringing this thread back as I also need to solve the white tights problem. First timers here! What is the current wisdom on this? Doubling up? Spray paint? MStevens? Mirrella? I hear that Boys Dance Too are releasing a new line. Basically I am all ears....

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DS10 wears 2 pairs during performances and for pictures as well.

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What brand Tayperry88? does he get the unibutt like people talk about?


Also I don't know how much this matters but DS is 17yo.

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DS has always worn two pairs whether it was two white pairs or a black under a white for quick change. A single white on its own, no matter what brand we have tried, is very see through in the stage lights. Unibutt has never been a problem with two pairs especially if you buy a size bigger than they need always.

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I bought both myself and my godson white tights from boysdancetoo.com they sell an opaque white tight that is awesome I highly recommend it 

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Yes I agree with you Godfather. They are the best white tights. 

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Unfortunately, my son did not like the BoysDanceTwo opaque tights.  They did not have enough give.  When he was younger, he doubled up on M. Stevens.  Now, he just wears one pair and does not worry about it.   If the AD allows it, Bodywrappers gray tights are a nice substitute for the white tights; they are not as sheer looking.  A lot of training programs have switched from black to gray tights in recent years, so gray tights are good for class, too.

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It's true. The material is tight. Good 'coverage' though. I bet there is a trade off between shearness and stretch.

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Mine have always worn black under white. Good for quick change and it's not see through. The white looks white

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We tried the boysdancetoo opaque tights and they didn't suit DS 10. He is tall and slim and no matter how high we pulled up the tights with suspenders they had a baggy look. He looked like he was wearing a child's onesie. He is going to try wearing two pairs of the white tricott tights from boysdancetoo. Hope this works!

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 When my son was young he wore a pair of white tights from the Walmart girls Department that cost under $2 under his White ballet tights. It didn't make them really thick and it made them just opaque enough where you couldn't see anything. When she got older he just left his black tights on underneath the white for quick changes.

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