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What makes Someone a Good Turner


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What makes someone a good turner?Is it the amount of turnout you have?My friend is really turned out,and we think that that is why it is difficult for her to turn,is this a possibility? :P


Nutmegdancer :D

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No, it's not the rotation that make the difference in being a good turner or not, it just makes a difference in how the turns look. Good turners have good control of trheir center, meaning well placed and aligned. They have a high demi pointe position and the strength in the abs and back, as well as legs and feet, to hold the position while rotating. They also have learned how to spot. :P


Note: Young dancers in the growing years often have problems with their center during growth spurts. :D

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Thank you Ms. Leigh,


because I have been wondering why my turns have gotten somewhat better from over the summer and ending months of this year. It must be partly because of my growth, because I have not grown at all for about a year! I feel stronger and stable in my turns lately, and I have been doing a lot of core strengthing excericses. So I hope that is why!


Have a GREAT day!!


star_reacher :wink:

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I really love to turn- but I have trouble controling the turns. For instance, I can whip out a super fast, clean pique, double pique combination, and it looks good. But In slow motion.... how can I get better control over turning slowly?

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Doing them slowly is just a matter of strength and placement. If you practice them slowly, you will learn to do them slowly. The double will need to be a bit faster than the single, but it certainly does not need to "spin"! It's much easier on pointe than on demi pointe, in terms of getting around, however the control is a bit more difficult. It's all about maintainig your center of balance.

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t does have to do with your abdominals and back.


Haha yes sballetgrl has amazing abs and turns. :ermm:

I couldn't turn at all for my first 3 years of ballet and was lucky if I could do doubles. I started doing a lot more ab work and now I can pull off clean quadruples often.

My problem is getting enough force. I have good balance so my turns tend to be extremely slow.

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If you are frequently making four pirouettes, it doesn't sound to me like you have a problem with force. If you want to turn faster, just add a bit more impetus from the back muscles and turn your head faster. :ermm:

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Ironically, I have a friend who's last name is Turner and she is really good at pirouettes! Haha, Mr. Johnson! I would also have to say it has a lot to do with core strength, and the dancer's ability to hold the position.

I think I'm having problems with force. I can do a slow double but fast turns are the bane of my existence! I am spotting so I think I'm doing something else wrong. Any suggestions? :shrug:

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Your friend is lucky she wasn't born into the family of Maria Tallchief's teacher, Ernest Belcher. :P


What I think is happening is that you're throwing too much force into the pirouette, and knocking yourself off balance just because it's fast. Can you go around once? Good, then go around twice.

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I can now do a clean double turn pretty much every time, but when I try a triple I find that I am falling out of it alot. :blushing:Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks!!!

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Hello ballettrx, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


If you have consistent clean doubles, then the triples will come. Be patient. It's just a matter of a tiny bit more force, and especially getting that third spot finished and not stopping the head before the turn is over. You must continue to spiral upwards, and don't start on a downward spiral after the first or second turn. The pirouette must finish up in order to control the finish.

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