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What is the benefit?


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I was wondering what the benefit was of using dead pointe shoes for flat classes?


Because I have loads of dead pointe shoes sitting in my drawer. I could easily do whatever was needed to them to make them usable for a technique.


If there was a benefit I would love to know!

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If they're still usable as is, just put them on and use them as ballet slippers! There's nothing magical about pointe shoes. If they're still too stiff to use as slippers, then take out the midsole/shank assembly, which may already be hanging on by a small patch of glue if it hasn't come entirely loose yet. Make sure you remove any residual nails or staples on the inside of the shoe.

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The only benefit I can think of is that it saves money by not having to buy ballet slippers. :wink:

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I have heard from friends that I have met at SI's that it strengthens your feet and it encourages you to stay high on your demi-pointe!!!

I've never tried it myself but it might be interesting to hear what your thoughts are about it if you do try it!!

best wishes<333

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