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To see if there is a performing arts college fair near you, check out this site:




Looks like there may be lots of info available, so, if anyone goes, please report back! I know that Stephens College will be at the San Francisco event, 10/28. You can check out the site above for further SF info, if you need it.

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I went to the one that came through Atlanta last year with my DD. It was nice to see all the College Dance departments she was looking at in one place. The people were very nice and answered as many questions as they could with the crowds around.

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Not sure if it was by the same people as in the link but I went to a performing arts college fair two years ago at the Kennedy Center in DC. It was pretty nice all of your questions were answered, alot of schools brought students to talk too and it was nice hearing their point of view. Plus they gave away tons of free stuff, of course brochures and stuff but also tees, pens, hats, bags, etc.

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Not sure if this was posted yet... This might be worth looking into for those interested in getting college information for performing arts. I looked on the website to see the schools that would be at the fair in my area and was disappointed that only 5 or 6 were listed as of Tuesday, however when I got there there were several schools that Dd is interested in. She won't be graduating for another year, but I was able to gather a lot of information from such schools as TCU, SMU, NCSA, Butler, Indiana had a table but was a no-show, SUNY Purchase, Julliard and several others. I was able to talk to students who were representing some of the schools as well as faculty members, although many of the faculty members were from other schools within their universities such as the School of Music or School of Visual Arts. Anyways, it might be worth a visit if one of the college fairs is in your town..



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Thanks for bumping this thread back up, sgmca! I posted the link a year ago and it still works, as your post proves. These college fairs have great info for any dd who is considering the performing arts route in college. Highly recommended and nice to have so many programs to preview without having to travel.

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I have a quick question. I am thinking of visiting the college fair in Cincinnati, but I am unable to find out which colleges will be attending. Does anyone know of any? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Two posts up I named some that were in attendance. Here are some of the others from the list of who was in attendance at the SMU fair. Not sure which ones are music, dance, musical theater, etc.


Academy of Art University, Arizona State University, Boston Conservatory, Boston University, Butler, Chicago College of Performing Arts, Florida State University, Idyllwild Arts U, Interlochen Center for the Arts, Indiana U, Julliard, New World School of the Arts, Oklahoma City University (not OU but OCU), SUNY Purchase, Rice University, SMU, Stephen F. Austin, State, TCU, Trinity University, UCLA School of the Arts, University of Cincinnati, U of Illinois, U of South Carolina, U of Tx Austin and the list goes on...

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Check the website posted above carefully. Somewhere on there, if you click on the city you wish to attend, it will give a list of the schools/programs attending. They are listed alphabetically (but the sort order can be changed), but there is no way to sort them as to what 'art' program is presented.

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And the year we used the site, the list was updated closer to the date with additions and deletions.

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I realize this topic hasn't had any discussion in years but wondering if anyone in recent years has attended a The Performing Arts College Fairs? They list many of the colleges my daughter is considering auditioning for but wondering if the representatives will actually be from the ballet departments?

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