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Several of the ballet teachers from the ballet school affiliated with the Eugene Ballet (Ballet Idaho) teach at the University. The ballet school also offers adult open classes if you're looking for extra classes away from the University.



Eugene School of Ballet


Susan Zadoff, Florabelle Moses and Sara Lombardi are the teachers who also teach at the University, and I believe Ms.Moses teaches at the local community college as well.

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I don't know much about the UofO dance program, but a ballet teacher I know suggested it to me as a school to consider because of their classes in pedagogy. In the next month or two I do plan on visiting UofO to see their dance classes and I will check back to post what I find out.

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Guest twinklehooves

One of my fellow dance class friends graduated last year and is attending the U of Oregon. She said that the classes are pretty challenging, and there are some levels a little bit more advanced than where she was at. She did say that they don't take many classes on pointe. As in, it's not required. They are performing en pointe however and this concerned me a little bit. I'll hopefully be able to make it to their performance later this year.

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My daughter started law school at U of O in Sept - all good intentions of taking some classes, but it didn't happen. She does have a friend in the company (they trained together before my daughter took a different path), so she continues to go to performances and otherwise keep up with what the company's doing.


Sorry I can't be of more help about the University dance classes.




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