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Got a good part,but can't actually DO it...


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I now have the chance to show what I have got because I have gotten the opportunity to be little Clara this year,but I have a problem, I have two alternates for the part of little Clara and they know more of it than I do,but I never really get my chance to rehearse it, :pinch: in front of a teacher I mean,they always say that I will get to do it next time,but then the teacher needs me for something else,or the girls forget what they told me, and take their turns once again,I don't know if asking the teacher about this sounds too snobby,like I always want the center of attention,and asking the girls for a turn is pretty much useless,does anyone have any suggestions? :shrug::wacko::blushing:


Nutmegdancer :wacko:

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Assert yourself. Don't ask for your turn, tell them it's your turn. THEY can do it next time.

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