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Any Famous Dancers With Okay Feet?


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Does anyone know any famous dancers with okay feet? :wink: I don't have the expected arch that a dancer should have, :thumbsup: and I was wondering if I am making a mistake in thinking that I can be a dancer with my kind of feet, :D they are alright,not terrific,has anyone ever heard anything that I am asking about? :shrug:


Nutmegdancer B)

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Well Nutmegdancer, that depends, is about the best answer I can give you at this time. B) May I suggest that you focus more upon being the very best dancer you can possibly be and then work upward. Attaining a career in dance can be and is a very rewarding experience. There is much more to it than being famous. If fame is your goal, it may be easier to attain fame in a different career. :thumbsup:


Work hard to improve your feet. Listen to your trusted teacher(s) on how to improve them. Make sure you always have good pointe shoes to work in and always keep a picture of how you would like your feet to look in your mind! Be positive. :shrug: Only time will tell. :wink:

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Does anyone know any famous dancers with okay feet?


Most of 'em, dear, most of 'em. There are even a couple of famous dancers with not-so-hot feet.

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Margot Fonteyn, for example. And also, it's not about how high your arch is, it's about how articulated your foot is. I know how you feel, though. Flat feet run in my family :yes:

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thank you everyone,it makes me feel alot better that their are famous dancers with (not so hot)feet :wink:


Nutmegdancer :yes:


PS I have pretty much asked all my teachers if there is anything I can do with my feet,they aren't improving drastically,but I still have a long way to go(I just realized this of course!)

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Fonteyn is a good example. Her feet were okay. They weren't anything outrageously great, until she started to move them - then... :yes:

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Ha ha,right,i am really not bragging but my technique is fine,i just want to start with the thing that i am most unhappy with right now(which in this caes is my feet :wink: )


Nutmegdancer :yes:

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