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Not sure if this is the place to post. My DD (17yrs old) is currently searching for a variation for competition and presentation at the end of the year. She would like to find something that features her strengths - great elevation and fast feet - Her teacher has suggested she look at Paquita variations. Any other suggestions from anyone? Perhaps something that "plays" to (with?) the audience a bit more?

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Well, one of the Paquita variations starts with a series of grand jet├ęs :) There are also some good variations in La Bayadere she might check out.

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Thank you Victoria

DD has seen the variation from Paquita that you refer to. She was also looking at one from Paquita with alot of batterie. She likes the variations, but would like something with more "character".

I'm not sure if she has seen La Bayadere variations. I will pass your suggestions on.

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