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Victoria Leigh

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The newest forum on Ballet Talk for Dancers is our PTA, or Parent/Teachers Association forum. It is a PRIVATE forum, by admittance only and not visible to anyone who has not become a full member. The purpose of this forum is for parents to discuss things with teachers and/or other parents that they do not feel they can discuss in an open, or public, forum. In order to be admitted to this forum you must:


a) Be a parent or a teacher. (An experienced adult teacher, not a teenager helping out in her studio.)

b ) Be a full member on the board, with a minimum of 30 substantive posts and two weeks of posting.

c) Agree to maintain the privacy of this forum. Topics discussed on this forum may contain information that is not intended to be public information. Therefore, we expect all members to maintain the integrity of this forum by not discussing the posts anywhere outside of this forum.


This forum, as with all of our forums, will be carefully moderated. If a topic becomes contentious and non-productive for any reason, it will be closed. We will make every attempt to get it back on track and keep it civil, but if we feel that it is either hopeless or has run it's course, it will be closed. That is the prerogative of the moderators on this board, and is not a form of censorship. Because you know up front what is acceptable and expected here, we expect the rules to be obeyed. We are not an open, free for all site. There are plenty of those. If you have a legitimate complaint about something on Ballet Talk for Dancers, please express it to one of the moderators, or to me. You can reach me on PM, email, or Contact Us from the BT for Dancers site. All things sent to contact us come directly to me.

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