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Music: Schindler's List

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What do you guys think about the theme from Schindler's List? Would that be a good piece of music to dance to (in a contemporary sense)? It's a very haunting score but the violin is beautiful.

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Our Director, who is also an outstanding choreographer, composed a very moving piece of dance to the music. She made loose references to the Holocaust in the movements she chose. I think as it's so connected in people's minds to the film, it might be difficult to use the music for a regular dance, however beautiful it is.

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The story, in brief, is of a greedy man who comes to a realization about the moral dimensions of what he's doing, and then uses the system which has enriched him against itself to serve a higher purpose. Difficult to express in ballet, but certainly some aspects of it are doable, as Tudor's "Echoing of Trumpets" provided a meditation on the eradication of Lidice.

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