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When I hold my leg by the knee to the back to stretch, the muscles in my back are ROCK solid. Hard as a rock. I can't seem to relax them. Am I stretching wrong?


My teacher also says my vertebrae are very close together. What does this mean? Do I fix it? How do I fix it? Thank you!!

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I am not sure I understand your question. :) Any movement of the leg upward and to the back will require the usage of the major muscles groups such as the buttocks and hamstrings. For a movement backward these muscle groups must contract which by definition requires a tightening or hardening of the muscles. If this is what you are asking then I would have to say you are moving your leg in the way that it functions.


Have you asked your teacher the vertabrae question. It is very important that you understand the question or comment given so why not go straight to the source for the information? My guess is that prehaps you are crunching your back instead of lengthening as you lift your leg! :shrug:

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