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Too Much Turnout?


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About a day ago while I was doing barre in one of my technique classes,I started to recieve sharp pains in one of my knees,it would come and go,my teacher said that it might be because I turn out too much in first position, he also said that the knee is supposed to be over the middle toe at all times,is this true,what else could it be? :sweating: It wore off today because I have a break today,but I don't know if it will happen again,when I take another class,not just technique.


Nutmegdancer :dry:

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Nutmegdancer, it is entirely possible that you were turning out your feet further than the rotation from the hip allows. If so, the knees will not track over the middle toes, and this is a major no no. :dry:

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Thank you Ms.Leigh,he also said I should immediately get a knee brace,should I wait and see what happens,or is that risky? :sweating:


Nutmegdancer :dry:

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My teacher also tells me to lift the arch of my foot when I'm standing in first position. I think this keeps you from rolling your knee in. :D

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Nutmegdancer, try the brace. Your teacher has advised it, so follow that advice.

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Along the same lines, is it true that 10-15% of turnout really does come from the feet and knees? I've read that, and heard people say it....but is it true?

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I can tell you from personal experience that at least in one case - me - 10% came from the tibia/fibula and the rest from the hip. Almost nothing comes from the feet themselves. I had a range and flexibility check run after an accident (I fell off an airplane!) and the flight surgeon was sure that I'd fractured the bejeezus out of my hips, there was so much rotation.

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