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Adults performing in fall/holiday shows...


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So, WendyMichelle is a party parent and mouse (yay, Wendy!) and MJ is Cinderella's father and a courtesan dancer (yay, MJ!).


I just auditioned for Nutcracker and expect to hear back within the week. I am very curious to see if/what I end up doing. It seems likely that I will be doing something as not many people turned out for our audition, and I ended up being one of only a few looked at on pointe. I'll be happy if I'm performing, no matter what I'm doing. If I get a "really exciting" role, I'll be honored and look forward to the challenge. If I get a "less exciting" role, I'll be thrilled to give my body a break and have some fun with my friends!


Is anyone else performing this season?

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I am so psyched about being a mouse............you just have no idea!




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We are doing a Halloween show, and I am a Witch in A Night on Bald Mountain music by Modest Mussorgsky, and a princess (we have 8, unfortunately, we couldn't find 12 dancers for princesses as we have had in the past) in The Firebird. The other show on the bill is The Haunted Ballroom. I love this show, its my favorite one we've ever done! I love the Witch part too; Night is a contemporary ballet, which is really more my thing than classical. :D:lol::P

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In our Nutcracker, I'll be doing Herr Drosselmayer (again, for something like the 4th time) and a Mirlitons pas de deux.

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Oooh, Tiffany, I'm sorry to see you are located far away as your show sounds like fun and I'd love to see it!

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I'll be Lady Montague in Romeo and Juliet in October. My daughter, however, will be dancing as a member of the House of Capulet. She finds this family division immensely amusing.

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The studio where I dance is putting on a show, the finale of which is to be the Prologue to Sleeping Beauty.

I am dancing Carabosse, and my 7 year old son is dancing the newly minted role of Carabosse's pet bat. We are both extremely excited.

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Thanks for delurking, you guys! Yet again, this has me thinking a tape of all of our achievements edited together would be so fascinating!


Well, I've been trying not to say anything until I know for sure what is going on, but if I can't tell you guys this anonymously, I can't talk tell anyone about it. I got out of work last night to a call from a very upset fellow dancer saying she was going to quit dancing, etc. I was on the cell phone and the call got dropped, and before I could call her back, I saw I had a message. The message was from a friend, who told me the cast list went up while I was at work, and I was cast as Clara, the adult Clara, for our Nutcracker. Needless to say, I was thrilled! For about 2 minutes, until I was back on the phone with this classmate, who was trying to get me to share the role with her, and called our choreographer to let her know this was what she wanted, and then called me back telling me it was down to the two of us anyway and the choreographer had a really hard time choosing and that we might have to share the role. And people think there is only drama with children or professionals!


So, maybe I'm Clara...I'll let you know once I've heard what our choreographer has to say about all of this.

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My company is doing an abridged version (around 30mins long) of Nutcracker this winter, and we are taking them around libraries in London.


I'll be Clara, a Doll and a Mirliton in 2 different casts! Woohoo!


Just started rehearsals last week, it's going to be so much fun! (sometimes I like the process of rehearsing than actually performing. I love performing don't get me wrong but... you know what I mean!)



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I'm going to be chinese, snow and doll in my main cast and stand in as required in snow, doll and mirlitons in the other cast.


Same abridged verison as chinafish

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Chinafish- I agree with you. There is something so very satisfying about rehersals. Trying different things, letting your imagination take you different places with a role and trying to refine the steps. I love it tool.


Insidesolist- what a drama ! I hope you get Clara all to yourself. Let us know

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Insidesoloist, your post just fuels the growing sense that we need a BT4D ABSB miniseries! Let us know...


Well, my school has a small show, one night only, and believe me there won't be anyone watching who isn't a friend or relative of one of the dancers. I don't want to name my role, but let's just say it is involves being an amusingly evil character. I am NO good at this kind of thing. And I mean that - not just that I need a bit of prompting. I try and do it, and the effect is just rubbish. Honest friends agree with this assessment. Dancing, yes, knockabout comedy acting, no. Erm, that's why I go to ballet classes. Argh! :pinch:

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Wahoos to everyone! My "step-wife" is a retired Troc, he's bigger than me, so I will be able to get into the henpecked husband character easily.


I will also be the battle scene nutcraker in another company a few weeks later, so all my free time will be in a studio for the next three months! I guess I should start Christmas shopping!


Rehersal starts on Thursday, a few days off for Thanksgiving, then onto Nutz.

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All right. After a meeting with our director/choreographer, I'm still Clara. That's kind of thrilling and scary, even though quite a lot of what I'll be doing is sitting on stage, watching other people dance. It feels kind of silly to be the grown up/dream Clara at my age! And yet, perhaps this is my reward for putting up with all the comments about how short I am over the years... :) Rehearsals start Sunday.

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