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Failli-Assemble and Facing


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One thing that I have never been clear on is if the assemblé in failli-assemblé is to the front or side because people seem to do something in between. Also, I have never been clear about at what point the body moves to the croisé position to do another failli-assemblé -before you leave the ground, in the air, before you land?

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It depends on what your teacher says/wants :pinch: however, usually the assemblé is done to the side, in ecarté devant. When you land from that, plié in 5th without changing the orientation of the body, jump in a small sissonne, and turn in the air to effacé derrière (or at least it has to look that way). Then failli, &c.

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It also depends upon what level of ballet one is teaching. In lower levels the assemble leg thrust to the side is always enface side, however landing may be enface or in croise.

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It's been emphasized to me by one teacher that assemble is in ecarte as soon as possible. Right when you degage into the jump :pinch: Makes for a consistent corps de ballet with nice lines:)

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Thanks all,


Ms. Schneider, I see what you mean about the little kids. I have taken class with them, and that is what threw me off a bit. They alsmost seem to do sissonne, assemble front, without any change of direction at all.




I like the idea of getting to the ecarte position at the beginning of the jump. I have a tendency to get to the facing at the top of the jump. The thrust of the second leg while changing facing seems to initiate a turn, resulting in me losing my turn-out, showing the world my derriere, and overshooting the croise landing.

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hart, I am not saying assemble front at all. B) The assemble is to the side enface when the movement is first taught.

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Yep, I understood what you were saying. B) . I was just trying to say that the kids were not doing much facing the way adults do, which is what confused me. You helped me to understand why, even if the kids aren't doing it right. I think the kids just weren't getting from the croise derriere at the end of the faille to that enface to second position you are talking about. I wasn't in class when the teacher taught the step, so I am not sure what she actually taught. Thank you so much for clarifying the difference.



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