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Can anyone recommend schools in Manhattan that teach Vagaanova method....

I think dd might be ready for a change????

Thank you for any and all help...

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Take a look at this website. Although Mr. Ellison is not certified to teach the Vaganova method through Vaganova Academy (few teachers in the US are), he is very knowledgable about the program and has done his best in educating himself about the teaching of the method. He is a lovely, caring teacher with a very kind manner. Outside of that, I personally have not seen him teach nor any long term products. His school is new therefore it is difficult to say at this time. There are a few member of BT4D who have had first hand experience with Mr. Ellison perhaps they will see your post and will be able to give you information.

All the best in your search. :o




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I think Edward Ellison is a great suggestion...

My daughter is old enough for his school..

If anyone thinks of any others please let me know.

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I believe Ellison is the one with the strongest passion for the Vaganova method, so even if your dd is a little young for his program (?), it would be worthwhile to go speak to him. She could take his class (with his permission) and that would give him an idea where she is in her development, and then you could ask him what he recommends from there. Having said that, obviously, both Kunikova and Koslova are excellent teachers, and you should go look at DCNY and Kunikova's class, as well. What about Marina Stavitskaya; you could contact her over at Studio Maestro...But perhaps you are AT Studio Maestro? Hmmm.....Lucy Raianova is good with kids, but I think a little more Bolshoi than Kirov, but I could be wrong. That's about all I can think of in the Russian vein, except for Anastasia Edery at Scarsdale Ballet, she's wonderful with kids, why not look her up?


Anyway, good luck!



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Mr. Ellison is a wonderful teacher. My son did his summer program this year and we were so impressed with him as a teacher and as a warm, caring person.

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I corresponded with Mr. Ellison earlier this year and his program sounds like very good training for a dancer considering a professional career. He has a good understanding of the development of a dancer. And he was very responsive to my inquiries in spite of the fact that we are on the other coast and not going there anytime soon. Don't be afraid to contact him via e-mail. He's quite nice!

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My daughter has taken both group and private classes with Mr. Ellison. He is an excellent teacher! He is very hands on and he helped her feel certain muscles and the difference when she was doing some things correctly, that she had been battling for some time.


He is also so enthusiastic, that it is hard not to find his energy contagious! :yes: If a student is working hard, he gets so excited and involved in the process that it made my dancer really want to do more than she thought she could. She was always worn out after his classes, but very exhilerated with the feeling that she had really accomplished alot.

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My daughter attends a new Vaganova based school, Greenwich Ballet Academy, in Greenwich, Ct. (not exactly Manhattan, but less than 30 minutes away! ). It is fantastic. The teachers Michael Shannon (graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy) and Sara Knight (graduate of the Vaganova (Kirov) Academy and Royal Ballet School) have each had amazing careers. You can check out their bios on the school's website: http://www.greenwichballetacademy.org.


The teaching is excellent, classes are small, and there is lots of individual attention. The students are a serious, talented and supportive group. My daughter is thrilled to be there and has improved incredibly in the short time she has been there. We are so happy with the training!

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Not sure if I cant post here.. please delete if inapporpriate


My friend attends that program {when you click on the link for the website thats her in the picture from yagp} She abseloutly loves it. The only thing is its quite expensive and they don't offer and financial aid or scolarships because it's so new. My best friend {who was accepted to the program but it was too expensive} talks about it all the time and how he just makes you want to learn. I woujld definatly look into it.



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If you are looking for Vaganova, you must consider a Russian Living Legend, Mansur Kamaletdinov. Please check out his web site: www.russianballet.net I would be happy to answer questions. My daughter's had the privilege to study with him. I would recommend every serious ballet student to attend master and/or summer classes. He is even holding a teaching seminar this summer.

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