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any hints on how to balance? i don't know what is wrong, but somehow i lost any balance i ever had. i can't even balance on flat feet anymore, i don't know why. i pull up and pay attention to every body part and my turnout and everything and nothing seems to work. i wiggle so much, and i take a modern class in college in a lower level (im more of a ballet person), and some girls in my class have never even taken dance before and i probably have the worst balance out of everyone. it used to be better....is there anything i could be doing wrong? i actually balance better on releve than flat.

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When was the last time you had your eyes checked? If you wear contacts or glasses, maybe it is time for a new prescription. Could you have an inner ear problem? Just some ideas.


Without seeing you, it is difficult to say what you may need some extra help with. Have you spoken with your teacher? :) I also remember you had asked a question elsewhere about back flexibility. Perhaps you need to strengthen you stomache muscles and work to improve your coordination.

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i actually do have really bad eyes, and i havent gone for a new prescription since summer but i can't get new contacts yet, i still have a lot left over and that is a lot of money to go to waste.

how can that affect my balance?

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:) ...a little bit, anyway. And a parent sneaks into the room....knock, knock.


Regarding contact lenses -- depending on your eye doctor, some will take unopened contact lenses back in trade for a new prescription. My dd always seems to have a few boxes left over when she starts saying "mom -- I can't see!" Our eye doctor allows a return and credit for the unopened, as long as new ones are purchased from them.


I can't say medically why not seeing well would affect your balance, but I can tell you from her experiences that as soon as she gets her correct prescription (and gets used to it), she says that everything about ballet improves immensely. I get the feeling that everything's connected.


Good luck to you.

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I've been having a similar problem with balance! My eyes have certainly gotten worse, to the point where I have difficulty seeing my face clearly in the mirror. Everything seems to be slightly blurry around the edges, and I have trouble focusing when I spot. But my mom doesn't want to get me contact lenses, because I have glasses for school, and my eyesight isn't a major problem in everyday life. Is it possible that getting contact lenses could help my problems with balance and turning? Is it even worth it? I'm not a fan of medical/optometry adjustments unless they're absolutely necessary.

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Now that you've considered your eyesight, has anybody thought about having the ears checked? It's an old one for pilots - I don't care what your eyes and the seat of your pants tell you, read the instruments. Ear infections, even low-grade ones, can throw your balance completely off, and you can't trust yourself to tell even which way is up!

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Another suggestion. Balance is sometimes off during a growth spurt. Stress, fatigue and low blood sugar all affect balance as well.

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Guest Ela's_little_dancer

If a new contact prescription doesn't help and there are no problems with your ears, you might also want to consider getting your allignment checked.


I have been dancing since age two, and there was a certain time (i'd say a couple of years) where my balance was really really terrible all of the sudden. I had been having a lot of back issues but I chose to ignore them, just because that's the way i am. I later found out after a horse accident in 2002 that I had developed a case of scoliosis that was progressing at a pretty steady pace. At this point, I've managed to compensate and have regained my ability to balance on two feet and one (and have improved in turns) just because my instructors and I know what to focus on now. even the slightest case of bad structural allignment can make a world of difference in whether or not you can balance correctly, (whether it be in the back, hips and legs) since absolute center is so essential.


I hope this helps!


~Mandy <3

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