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Has anyone EVER heard of...


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Has anyone ever heard of any of these people, I'm just curious.


Laura Schwenk-Berman

Akop Akopian

Gaiane Akopian

Kara Bond

David Braciak

Chelsea Clow

Kateryna Derechyna

Dawnell Dryja

Alexey Kulpin

Laura McQueen

Attila Mosolygo

Mindy Mosolygo

Stephen Sanford

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Nope. Never heard of them until I Googled and saw that they are all with Grand Rapids Ballet.

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thanks kacy I was just gonna add that. I was curious to see if anyone outside of GR had heard of them cuz I know they're not in the magazines or in dance news very much from what I know so I wondered if anyone elsewhere in the country knew of any of them.

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