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Back support in double tours


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My ds (age 16) has been struggling with double tours for a while. He finally seemed to have them consistently and has now lost them again :) . He seems to be hunching too far forward when he jumps, rather than jumping straight up. His teacher has suggested wearing a back support belt (kind of like weight lifters wear) to try to correct this problem (again!). Does anyone have a suggestion as to where to find one of these belts or what a good style might be? I've found several different ones online, but am not sure which one is best for this purpose. Any other suggestions to help him get around twice -- and land on 2 feet in a recognizable position? Thanks!

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Without having to resort to appliances, have him consider this: Muriel Stuart, who had danced with Pavlova's company, got me on the right track about that age with double tours. It was her words that were telling. "Jump WITH GREAT VIGOR! STRAIGHT UP!" Ever after, even when coming off from injury time, when all the old technical faults suddenly reappear, that's all I had to think, and I was set again! I used to try to do them in the pike position, and let me tell you, it's actually harder that way!

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I like that Mel!!!! It is possible that he's making it too difficult in his mind. A double tour is quite simply, jumping up high enough to be able to get 'round twice. In order to jump high enough, one must plie (sorry- laptop. No accents) correctly to begin. :)

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