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uncomfortable with new studio's dress code

je danse dans ma tete

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I started at a new studio because I was feeling uncomfortable at my old one. I was constantly feeling bad when I was there (as I have already posted) so I thought it was a good choice. I had my first class at the new place today. It was really nice with lots of shapes and sizes and ages of people. There were even two men in the class.


But the dress requirements are strict as they are for children. I wore a unitard and after class the teacher pulled me over and said if I had a leotard and tights. I said yes. She said women students had to wear a leo (any style and color) and pink tights beneath. No skirts or shorts or leg warmers or sweaters or anything else. Hair must be up off the face.


I have no problem with wearing hair off the face. But a leo and tights alone?! I'm already so self-conscious. Even though they were all wearing leos and tights (even one of the men had a black leo with black tights over, the other wore black spandex pants and a white t-shirt) I don't think I can wear just that... with a skirt or shorts maybe, but I have big thighs from genetics and track and field... I feel like I look strange in minimal clothes like that. What should I do? Go back to my old studio, or just try to ignore my feelings about the dress code? :)

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You'll get used to it really quickly, just give it a go. If you still feel really uncomfortable after a few weeks then perhaps try speaking to the teacher.


In the meantime you could try wearing flesh coloured tights under your pink tights for a bit more support (you can get ones that suck your bits in!!) - however, if your thighs are just muscly I don't think you should worry about showing them off at all - wobbly bits can be embarassing though so try supportive tights if this is the problem!

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How funny - I think that a unitard is more revealing than a leotard and tights. :) At least you can choose your leotard style. Give it a try - hopefully you will get used to it after a couple of classes.


Good luck!



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Will they let you wear those little hipster shorts, or maybe a chiffon skirt? Those help a little.

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You will get used to it, but I'm sure it will taske at least a few classes. Pick a leotard style and fabric you are comfortable in and check it out for as bit. If you are not comfortable with any you have, visit the store for one, try the clearance rack. It's better in the long run, she can see the way you move this way, and your dancing will benefit.

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Yes I definitely think that a unitard is much more revealing and I would feel really bad if I have to wear one. I was like you; I was wearing a black, solid wrap skirt and a blouse on the top in my ballet classes at first. I was really nervous because my teachers are all male. But then I said to myself "come on, nobody cares.." and I wore only a leo, black footless tights and tiny little hipster shorts and my teacher was like "whoa you work so clean today Skyish, or you were wearing too much junk before and I couldn't see your lines exactly. Please come to the class like this" and that was when I understood what "pink tights and black leo" code stands for. You will get used to it quickly =)

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I wore tights for the first time this week and I have to say, I was able to see my own legs much more clearly and figure out where my knees were, etc. I got some good corrections as well.


If it's any consolation, when I look at my classmates all I see is their technique and such. Being as I am the newest and thus the worst in my class :shrug: I couldn't tell you what body shapes are around me. All I see are people performing steps and combinations in a way that actually looks like dancing and giving me hope that someday I will look like them. :ermm:

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I have the same problem at my studio. However, since I am an adult in a class of teenagers and don't like to reveal too much, I asked the instructors at the very beginning if a short wrap skirt would be acceptable. They said for me, yes, but the other girls couldn't get away with it. There has only been one girl who tried to wear a skirt and they got rid of that very quickly. The instructors nor the other students have a problem with my skirt.


I would definitely recommend speaking with the teacher in private and tell her you are are not really comfortable being that bare and ask about a skirt. But make sure it is short (because some of them come down to your knees!) and chiffon, which is sheer enough to allow them to still see your hips and upper legs (but for some reason makes us feel better!). The skirt I wear is the M12 by Mirella. It is the perfect length.


Good luck!


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Guest pink tights

je danse---you have many options for leotards. You just need to find one that flatters your figure. Try some with princess seams--they are so pretty. Or one with a beautiful neckline. Check out different the different fabrics too. Also I think higher cut legs are becoming on most people. Like CDR said, look for tights that hold the bits in!! Capezio makes "hold and stretch" tights. When you go to the dance shop....buy the pink tights--put them on, THEN try on leotards. Every thing will look better with the tights on underneath. Good luck--I'm sure you will look lovely!!

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When you go to the dance shop....buy the pink tights--put them on, THEN try on leotards. Every thing will look better with the tights on underneath.

This is so true! My leotard looks so much nicer with tights than with my bare legs. The tights hold everything in just enough to make a noticeable difference.

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je danse,


I agree that you'll very quickly become used to the new dress code. After all, you said that everyone else has to wear the same thing, and that your classmates are of many different shapes, sizes, and ages, right? No one else will be looking at your body.


Try not to think about the clothes too much. Find a leo that you love and after that just concentrate on your dancing. As you know, I also have muscular legs from thighs to calves! Soccer and sprinting will tend to do that. Since I've started ballet my muscles have become longer and if I hadn't been forced to wear pink tights from the outset I may well have failed to realize that :yes:

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I second Pink Tights' suggestion of Capezio Hold and Stretch. They really hold it all in, and they're the only tights I ever wear if I'm going skirtless. I have leos which would make me want to creep round the studio with my back against the wall at all times without them, or with soft microfibre tights, but with the H&S underneath it's all fine :yes:.

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys!


I bought some capezio H&S tights and I like them a lot:)


They make me feel less naked because they're so stiff. I still really wish I could get rid of these thigh muscles though, especially the quads... why didn't anyone ever warn me not to do track if I ever wanted to do ballet?


waaaaa! *je danse cries*

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Another good trick is to match the color of those fab hold and stretches as closely as possible to the color of your ballet slippers. This gives the illusion of longer legs. Don't worry about those quads, either! Good ballet trainging emphasizes the use of the muscles of the inner thighs, which do not bulk up, and will in time totally change the shape of your legs! :P

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