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Magazines: Cover photo of Pointe

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I really enjoyed last month's cover photo of the beautiful legs upside down in a garbage can. It was whimsical and very different. Others took offence but I didn't react in any negative way. What did you all think? :)

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Actually, I think that photo was on the cover of Dance Magazine. Anyways, I liked that cover a lot! I thought it was funny and it described the content of the issue very well (the issue was about body image). Some people were offended by it because in the photo, the girl seemed like she had been "thrown away".

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I also thought the cover was very clever! The article was actually very good, and I'm not sure I would have taken the time to read it if not for the catchy cover.

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I, too, thought it was a good cover. I know there has been discussion to the contrary, but I didn't interpret negatively. Even my husband thought it was interesting and actually picked the magazine up!

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Isn't it interesting how much personal experiences affect perceptions?

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can anyone post a link to the pic, im curious now because i havent seen it.

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Cover Shots 2006


Scroll down a bit- it's on the right.

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I thought the cover made a great point(e) -- the perception of the "perfect ballerina body" is (finally and thankfully!) being chucked into the trash. Dance Magazine has done a lot to tackle the issue of harmful dance body stereotypes, which I really appreciate (being 5'9'', I love it when dancers who are percieved as "too tall" are profiled and glowingly reviewed in their articles!). The most recent issue has an article where Hope Boykin (dancer with Alvin Ailey) explains how she was never thought to have a good dancer physique, and managed to become wildly successful anyway.


On a secondary note... one of my friends saw the cover and has now taken to calling me "Trashcan Ballerina". :D

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