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Ok it is October 7th. May I share that so far this school year, dd has 'lost' 2 pair of technique shoes? The second pair were 'lost' in a pointe class. All the dk's changed into their pointe shoes and left their soft slippers on the sidelines. After class, dd's WHICH ARE CLEARLY LABELED WITH HER NAME, could not be located. No one has seen them. Searches in the lost and found came up empty. Second requests for everyone to check if they picked them up by accident turned up nothing. Both pairs simply vanished. I can understand dd misplacing one pair. Not two. :)


Should we mention this to the school administrators? Signs are posted everywhere that the studio is not responsible for lost/stolen items and we do not think the school is liable of course. Just wondered if this was something that the school should be alerted about or would want to know.

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You are not alone! A number of years ago, at a different studio we lost two very expensive character skirts, character shoes, pointe shoes, flats, leotards ... the list goes on and on! Since leaving that institution, once in a blue moon something goes missing and sometimes, upon occassion gets into the wrong dance bag but comes back soon after with a ... "Sorry, I put this in my bag by mistake." It easily happens and it's so easy to pick up the wrong shoes when they can look so similar. I just don't understand the not bringing them back. In our case one school seemed to promote a negative atmosphere where competition was ugly even so far as to make theft the norm in meanness, whereas the present school promots kids supporting kids. Actually, at times it's been mentioned that everyone is so exceptionally nice that it's not normal. A sad statement. You may be furious with you dughter and understandably so, I really blew up about the character skirts, they were the first things of ours that went missing! But, you know, your daughter may, just may, not be responsible for the missing items! My daughters were not, sadly I blew up anyway. Hind sight is always 20/20!

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We have lost body suits, shoes and so on, to the point where one day my daughters ballet bag was dumped on the floor. I told her that from now on her bag goes in the studio, or stays with me if I am there. No problems since those rules were enforced. If you can't lock it up, then it should stay with you.

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Rhapsody--of course you should mention it. You should not expect them to be able to really do anything about it. But mentioning it never hurt anyone. What most places mean by "they are not responsible" is that they will not pay to replace your items, nor can they have a guard standing by watching to be sure items are safe during class. However, any administration will want to know and see what they can do to help keep thefts down.



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When this began happening in my dd studio a few years ago the director required all the students to bring their bags into the studio and placed near the instructor. Shoes/skirts/warm-ups etc. must be placed into/taken from the bag in the studio under the watchful eye of the instructor. There haven't been any problems since and even fewer "lost and found" items as well.

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